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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Holiday weekend lull

I interrupt your Memorial Day weekend for this important message.

Ok, so it's not really that important, but here goes!

I'm experiencing a lull in my normal weekend routine and I don't quite know what to do about it.

Weekends for me usually begin by picking up V and M from K after work on Friday. That didn't happen this week. V had a slumber party with three of her school friends on Friday night and because of that, we didn't make the exchange until Saturday afternoon.

Today, V, M and I were going to go to church, but for a garden variety of reasons didn't. We still had to meet K at a certain meeting place at 12:30, so they could go to a family cookout at their other grandparent's house. V and M will spend the night at K's house and tomorrow morning the three of them will participate in a 10K walk/run thing that is held in their town in memorial of some chap whose name escapes me who died way too young.

K is going to call me at some point tomorrow morning so that we can meet at our normal meeting spot, and I can reclaim V and M until Tuesday morning, so that K can go to work Monday night.

Tuesday morning this week will resemble Monday in that I'll drop them off at K's work in the morning before I myself can go to work.

Long story short, I'm experiencing this lull in my weekend because V and M are normally here now and they are not. V would have been working on her project for school which is due on Tuesday while M and I surely would have played catch this afternoon as the weather here is absolutely wonderful. Clear blue sky, high temperature in the low 80's with no humidity.

With the kids out of the picture until tomorrow, I should be motivated to do some stuff that I should be doing, that I wouldn't likely be able to do when they are here. But I am not finding the necessary mojo, if you know what I mean.

Maybe I'll watch one of the five DVD's I signed out of the library last Thursday. I did actually watch two of these DVD's tonight, which I'll either review on SNMR or maybe on the BIG SCREEN blog at some point.


Had my grandfather lived a few more years, he would have been 99 today.

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At 26 May, 2008 00:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

G man, I think I know exactly how you feel. I spent this whole weekend by myself kind of out of sorts. I tried to do the best I could cleaning and packing away winter clothes, organizing paperwork, watching movies, playing slingo, scrabble and walking the dog but something is missing. Its my kids. I can smell the scent of charcoal and fresh cut grass and lilac, but it does suck to miss your kids and feel a tad lonely.

Maybe Memorial Day means more than we realize.

At 26 May, 2008 09:32, Blogger green said...

bluez: you may be on to something here. I think that any time our normal routines are messed up it throws us off a bit, ever so slightly, y'know?


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