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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I've noticed that when I do some things, I take them to the extreme. Call it overkill, if you will.

For example, I tend to buy too many books and DVD's. Can never have too many books (or movies) I say. I say this to V and M constantly.

Going on a trip, do I pack lite? Oh, no. Gotta make sure I have enough clothes to cover all weather situations.

Staying at K's house over the last month or so on the weekends, I brought way too much stuff with me. Stuff to do in case I got bored. I hate being bored. Most of it I never even used.

Save stuff? Oh, yeah. Big time. Some would call it clutter. I could probably throw away a lot o stuff and not miss it - not even know it's gone. Problem is, I get the feeling that as soon as I throw something away, I'm going to need it. So if I save it I'm assured of never having to deal with it again.

My latest bout of overkill has to do with my current job dissatisfaction. Can't stand my job right now. Dread going to work every day - too much stress there I don't need. Anyway, I've been updating my resume recently and have been (passively for now) looking for another job. On Sunday night I was surfing around on amazon.com and found some books about job seeking, career matches and networking. So good did they each sound that I couldn't decide which book would be the most helpful. So I bought nine of them. Nine! Spent $103.00 on all these books I may only use/read/need once.

Now the question is, which one do I read first?

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