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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Green's 2009 NFL Predictions

A brand new National Football League season starts tomorrow night with one game, thirteen games on Sunday and two games on Monday Night Football, one of which is my beloved New England Patriots. This is also the 50th Anniversary season of the AFL. All of the original AFL teams will be wearing throwback uniforms during certain games this season. I think when ever two original AFL teams play each other is when they'll break out the retro unis. For example, the Patriots will be dressed in red and white with old Pat Patriot on the helmet, as you see on the left, for their Monday Night game vs. Buffalo.

With the start of a new season, I thought I ought to give you my predictions (some of which more than likely will be wrong). Prognosticating is a tuff biz, but I can handle it. Someone's gotta do it - may as well me moi.
Last year I predicted good things for my Patriots and gave my thoughts on the reality that unfortunately came to pass, with #12 going down for the season less than halfway through the first quarter of the opening game against Kansas City. They still finished 11-5 but missed out on the playoffs due to the NFL's complicated but fair tiebreaker rules.

I gots news for y'all. Some of you may like it, others not so much.

Tom Terrific looked well, terrific, during the preseason and the record setting offense of 2007 is essentially in tact. So, NFL, you've been warned. Will Brady throw for 50 touchdowns again? Not likely. 35-40 is a distinct possibility. Will the Patriots offense break its NFL record 589 points scored from 2007? Possibly. They'll give it a run, anywhoo. This will be a hard team to defense and will give teams fits.

Here we have my predictions:

1. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS ----> Brady's back. MVP redux. Comeback Player of the Year.
2. Miami Dolphins ----> Will slip back to reality at or near .500
3. Buffalo Bills ----> T.O. gets the damn ball but it's not enough.
4. New York Jets ----> Sanchez' new favorite old TV show: Growing Pains.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers ----> Because they're the defending Champs, obviously.
2. Baltimore Ravens* ----> Tough D. Just a bit short on O.
3. Cleveland Browns ----> Could make a run at the division title if...
4. Cincinnati Bengals ---->Sadly, Head Coach Marvin Lewis 1st to be fired in 2009.

1. Indianapolis Colts ----> They'll be good as long as it's Peyton's place.
2. Tennessee Titans* ----> Was last years' record a fluke or are they really good?
3. Jacksonville Jaguars ----> Probably will win 9 or 10 games but miss playoffs.
4. Houston Texans ----> I can realistically see 8-8 this season but probably 7-9.

1. San Diego Chargers ----> In a weak, rebuilding division, still finished 8-8 in '08.
2. Kansas City Chiefs ----> Cassel's dream '08 season redux? Not quite. Maybe 6 wins ~ sorry Matt.
3. Oakland Raiders ----> Better with Richard Seymour but still bad.
4. Denver Broncos ----> Chaos reigns in Denver. 5 wins max.

2. Indianapolis
3. Pittsburgh
4. San Diego
5. Baltimore
6. Tennessee

Wild Card Games:
3. Pittsburgh over 6. Tennessee
5. Baltimore over 4. San Diego

Conference Semifinals
1. New England over 5. Baltimore
3. Pittsburgh over 2. Indianapolis

Conference Championship
1. NEW ENGLAND over 3. Pittsburgh

1. Philadelphia Eagles ----> How will they use Michael Vick?
2. Dallas Cowboys* ----> Will they win a playoff game this year?
3. Washington Redskins ----> Another late season collapse.
4. New York Giants ----> Just not good enough in a tough division.

1. Chicago Bears ----> Monsters of the Midway? No, but good enough.
2. Green Bay Packers* ----> some say QB Aaron Rodgers will be MVP in '09. Not me.
3. Minnesota Vikings ----> Favre should have stayed retired. Sorry Brett, it's time.
4. Detroit Lions ----> Lions win! Lions win! Only 3 games but it's an improvement.

1. Atlanta Falcons ----> Matt Ryan leads Falcons to 2nd Super Bowl appearance. Same result.
2. Carolina Panthers ----> Just not enough in a tough division.
3. New Orleans Saints ----> Surprising late season collapse ruins the Brees.
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ----> Should never have fired Jon Gruden.

1. Arizona Cardinals ----> Courtesy pick for Super Bowl XLIII loser. Seattle is better.
2. Seattle Seahawks ----> Could easily win this division by three games.
3. San Francisco 49ers ----> Better, but still need work.
4. St. Louis Rams ----> Lowlight of season - losing to Detroit to break their streak.

1. Atlanta
2. Philadelphia
3. Chicago
4. Arizona
5. Green Bay
6. New York Giants

Wild Card Games:
3. Chicago over 6. New York Giants
5. Green Bay over 4. Arizona

Conference Semifinals
1. Atlanta over 5. Green Bay
3. Chicago over 2. Philadelphia

Conference Championship
1. Atlanta over 3. Chicago

1. NEW ENGLAND (AFC) over 1. Atlanta (NFC)

For the record, here are ESPN's expert predictions.

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At 19 September, 2009 07:56, Blogger jason said...

I agree with most of your predictions. If mcnabbs rib doesn't get any better we should see some vick in a few weeks when he's elligible to play. I like the pats for the afc, if their defence can carry the load. I disagree however with your NFC title game of Atlanta vs Chicago. Chicago may be there but I'd be suprised to see Atlanta. NFC west is the weakest division in my opinion besides maybe the afc west.

Where's ur blog on Jordan winning bb11? I was so happy kevin and natalie were backstabbers.


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