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Thursday, July 08, 2010

A new season of Big Brother starts tonight

A new season of Big Brother begins tonight on CBS, bringing thirteen strangers under one roof for three months, competing for $500,000. The show will once again be hosted by Julie Chen and will run three times a week, on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday at 20:00 EDT.

Occasionally I will provide my thoughts on the show, who I like, who I don't and who I think will be evicted from week to week. There are many Big Brother spoiler web sites online, if you want to know what is going on inside the house on a daily basis.

21:15 ~ Tonight's first episode was interesting, with the revelation that there is a saboteur in the house. A house guest who will disrupt everything and everyone. Who, if he/she lasts five weeks will win $50,000. The home crowd will find out who it is next Thursday, on the night of the first eviction.

As far as my favorite house guests so far, I like Kristen because she's the hottest woman this season and Annie, because she's from Tampa. I'm not sold on Rachel, because she's got an annoying laugh. Of the guys, I have no preference yet. Enzo is reminding me of my first impression of Russell last year.



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