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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Out with the old and in with the new.

In years that is.

It's now officially 2008 in the Eastern Time Zone. The ball has dropped in New York City and Dick Clark sounds better this year than he did the last few years. How old is he? 80 something?

Many of you have brought in the New Year already, some of you have a few hours to go yet in 2007. Still I say, "Where has the time gone?"

Seems like we were hailing in 2007 only yesterday, yet it is now 2008.

I'll have more to say [look for updates in various colors] as the day progresses, but that will suffice for now, since I need to get some sleep.

Happy New Year, everyone.

[14:30] Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Well, I'd rather not let it snow again, {sigh} but since I wasn't consulted, I'll just have to deal with it. The weather gnomes are prognosticating a dusting to two inches for this area. With the way it's steadily coming down now, I'd say we're going to get more than they predicted today. The precipitation we got on Sunday night/Monday morning was less than expected and was actually a wet, heavy snow. What snow is falling now appears to be more of the dry, fluffy stuff.

I, of course, don't like snow or the cold weather so I've had my fill of both for this winter already. One snowfall per year is pretty much all I can handle, so spring can't come soon enough for me.

I don't recall the specific amount of snow the Boston area had in December, but I do know it was .2" less than the record snowfall amount, set in 1970.

I just got back from dropping off V and M in Nashua. K was supposed to go to her grandparents house today (and pick V and M up along the way) but with the weather/roads being so bad and her not feeling well necessitated a change of plans. I'll see them again on Friday night, as always.

[16:40] As it would turn out, the weather gnomes were right - the snow tapered off quickly and we only got about an inch. More wet, slushy stuff though. No fun to shovel and not enough to break out the snow thrower. Good thing I'm not a weather gnome, then.

New Year's Resolutions:

i. Adhere to my daily Bible reading program. To say that I slacked off tremendously in 2007 would be a gross understatement. Now, which translation to use...

ii. Write for at least 15 minutes every day. No matter if it's Blogger, or in a notebook, or elsewhere on the computer, write whatever comes to mind. I found a years worth of daily writing prompts from 2001 that I halfheartedly worked on seven years ago, so I'll work on those. That novel I want to write just isn't going to evolve onto the paper with out thought and effort on my part..

iii. Aside from i. above; set aside time to read something else every day. The Sports page in the Boston Globe doesn't count (though I will read that, too!). Before bed is probably the time I will do this.

iv. Be less obsessed about surfing the Internet. Wow, this one's going to be hard. It'll be like quitting smoking, I think. Lord knows I've got other stuff that I can do instead. Heck, maybe I'll even go to bed earlier...

v. Get my financial self in order. An uphill battle to be sure but one that can be accomplished, with effort and a lot of discipline.

I was going to add that I should resolve to lose weight and quit smoking, but since I don't need to do either of those things, I won't worry about them.

[22:44] And finally, two bad jokes to begin the new year...

Su Wong marries Lee Wong. The next year, the Wongs have a new baby. The nurse brings over a lovely, healthy, bouncy, baby boy

But definitely a Caucasian, WHITE baby boy. "Congratulations," says the nurse to the new parents. "Well Mr. Wong, what will you and Mrs. Wong name the baby?"

The puzzled father looks at his new baby boy and says,

"Well, two Wong's don't make a white, so I think we will name him..."

Are you ready for this???

Are you sure you are ready??

Well.... here it comes...

"Sum Ting Wong!!!"


What's Irish and stays outside all of the time?

(In your best Irish brogue:) Patty O'Furniture

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At 01 January, 2008 12:35, Blogger Esther said...

Happy New Year, Green!

When there is more time behind us, the time ahead of us gets compressed and feels shorter. I can remember being below the age of 10 and being told by my mother that we would leave for a favorite amusement park in "three hours." I remember thinking that was an eternity and it would never come. It felt like it too. Now three hours seems like the blink of an eye.

We should never take the present nor the time of ahead of us for granted. This is one of my New Year's Resolutions for this year. I want to be "in the moment" more, but I want to see the time ahead of me as precious diamonds.

What are your New Year's Resolutions (if any)?

On another note, what are you thinking your January Books of the Month will be?

At 01 January, 2008 15:33, Blogger American Guy said...

while you're battling the snow, Melbourne just finished its hottest year on record, with New Years Eve being the hottest day of the year, topping out at 106 of your farrenheit degrees. It was a great day for lying perfectly still on the wooden floor, and not much else.

Jan 1 was only a few degrees cooler, but fortunately today looks like a bit more bearable.

Happy happy and all that.

At 01 January, 2008 17:14, Blogger Esther said...

You're well on your way to accomplishing #4 (iv), and I'm proud of you.

You'll have no difficulty with #3 (iii). You do that already. :)

I need to set #1 (i) as my goal too.

Your last goal, like me, will be the hardest, but it is doable!

Your very last line of this post is hilarious! You are a humorous writer, Green. Keep it up, Dear!

At 02 January, 2008 00:21, Blogger American Guy said...

Hah Hah Hah!

Nothing like starting off the new year with some good old fashioned racist homour.

Boy those people from a different ethnic background than us sure do talk funny!

(This is the part where you tell us all ernestly that your joke wasn't racist, so I'll just get my reply ready now, shall I?)

Yes it was.

At 02 January, 2008 10:02, Blogger green said...

AG: Ethnic jokes, yes - but hardly racist, since there's really no such thing as race, since we're all descended from the same two people.

Classically defined, being racist implies that one "race" is superior to another, and none of that is implied here. Both jokes are simply a play on words, nothing more.

And I did wholeheartedly admit that they were bad jokes....

At 03 January, 2008 07:45, Blogger DaBich said...

Bad jokes but funny nonetheless...but then, I'm corny, so what do *I* know? ;)

At 04 January, 2008 02:38, Blogger AM said...

Hey Green, happy new year to you :D

Funnily enough, your resolutions list applies very much to my life lol, all of it, from 1 to 5. Let me know how you're doing half way.

You don't like snow?! :O
Just kidding, i don't like it falling and having it controlling my life and restricting my freedom in anyway, however, i like it when it is set on a slope where i can use it and abuse it anytime i want haha, how about that for a control freak hihi, great impression huh? :P :D


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