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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Must be my lucky day!


Or.... NOT!

What kind of an idiot do these people think I am, anyway?


Dear Winner,
This is to notify you that your email address has been
selected in our end of year online email lottery program
conducted November 1st,2007 and was attached to ticket number
32-111-790-88 with Serial number 5390/06 drew the lucky number
: 33 and have won you £200,000.00 here in our Corporate headquarters
in United Kingdom.
You are to immediately submit a confirmation email immediately to
email addresses below :

E-MAIL: net2enquiries@yahoo.com

The following details below are required to clarification.
1. First & Last Name
2. Contact Address
3. Tel Numbers
4. Age
5. Sex
6. Occupation
7. Country of residence

Mrs. Maureen Whyte
Online Co-ordinator
PBL Online lottery Promotion

Besides, what would I do with £200,000.00?

In case you were wondering, that's $403,962.88 in good ol' US Dollars.

Or 45,758,894.76 Japanese Yen.

Or 1,611,459.41 Israeli New Shekels

Or 2,245,528.64 Egyptian Pounds

Or 71,238,853.15 Hungarian Forints

Or 9,976,671.14 Russian Rubles

Or 4,376,331.82 Mexican Pesos

Or 279,907.90 Euros

You get the idea...

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At 15 December, 2007 18:53, Blogger Esther said...

The same thing happened to me, but it wasn't from a lottery inquiry, it was from a "representative" of Guinness Beer telling me I had won the same amount. Imagine that!

I had visited Guinness' site about a year ago looking for a Beer Cheese recipe, but that was the only time. I guess somehow these tricksters wormed their way into the site or visitor e-mail info to get my address.


At 16 December, 2007 09:39, Blogger American Guy said...

"What kind of an idiot do these people think I am, anyway?"

um... the kind that has fallen for an internet scam in the past?

for you it was the promise of a connection with another person. for others, it's money. people fall for these things because they offer hope.

just like another scam i know - one that involves getting otherwise sensible people to believe the ramblings of a bunch of bronze age nomads...

At 16 December, 2007 10:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey green I have some swamp land I'm tryin to sell in Florida, you interested ?


At 16 December, 2007 11:48, Blogger green said...

esther: ree-dic-u-luuuuuus indeed.

ag: I knew I could count on you to rehash my foolishness of a few years ago.

But sadly, you've missed the boat on the last comment. More than this I will not say here.

bluez: I'll trade you your swampland for a bridge I know of that' rumored to be for sale.

At 17 December, 2007 09:24, Blogger DaBich said...

if anyone has free money, pass some here!

At 17 December, 2007 15:08, Blogger American Guy said...

well in fairness, you did bring it up..

At 17 December, 2007 19:59, Blogger green said...

ag: Umm, no I didn't. You did. Where in this post did I specifically refer to that incident? It is now but a distant memory and I'd prefer to keep it that way.

At 17 December, 2007 22:59, Blogger Esther said...

Green, no worries now.

I'm not a scam artist.

At 17 December, 2007 23:28, Blogger American Guy said...

no, you didn't mention that time specifically, but you were the one who brought up the subject of "who would fall for such an obvious scam?" when you had done exactly that.

And yes, the one you fell for was just as obvious as this one.

anyhow, this thread is starting to parralel a little too closely the classic:

"why do you keep mentioning the war?"

"you started it"

"No i didn't"

"yes you did, you invaded Poland!"


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