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Saturday, November 22, 2008

SNMR 5.23: "Fletch"

Tonight's SNMR feature is "Fletch" (1985, PG, 98 minutes), starring Chevy Chase, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Tim Matheson, Joe Don Baker, Richard Libertini, George Wendt and Geena Davis. The film was directed by Michael Ritchie.

PLOT SUMMARY: Irwin M. Fletcher is a newspaper reporter who writes a column under the name of Jane Doe. Fletch has gone undercover, pretending to be a junkie so he can investigate drug trafficking on the beaches of Los Angeles. While on the beach one day he is approached by a man who claims to have cancer and hires Fletch to murder him. Fletch agrees but smells something fishy. Turns out there's more to it than meets the eye. Can Fletch crack the story to meet his editor's deadline?

MY OPINION: This has long been one of my favorite movies. The script is excellently written, the story is smart, quick and clever. Chevy Chase is absolutely brilliant as the investigative reporter who comes up with the most clever disguises and alternate aliases in his quest to crack the story. The supporting cast is excellent, too, featuring a young Geena Davis and the stunning Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, who has spent most of her career in various television roles, in just her third film role. Director Michael Ritchie does a great job keeping the action and witty dialogue flowing in this film.

I need to upgrade my copy of this movie to the 'Jane Doe' edition, which probably has better special features than the DVD I own.

**** out of *****



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Happy Thanksgiving, Green!


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