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Monday, January 11, 2010

Not sure I like this

The first three films were excellent. With the main cast and director returning for the fourth installment, what could go wrong?

Apparently everything.

Now I'm totally questioning the wisdom of the proposed franchise reboot, set for the summer of 2012, with a new cast and new director.

Maybe Sony Pictures ought to be satisfied with three successful movies and concentrate on something else.

Until I read otherwise, I'm definitely skeptical. Maybe I'll be proved wrong - maybe not. Lots of variables, too many questions.

Only time will tell....



At 11 January, 2010 23:24, Blogger ca nadeau said...

they really need to concentrate on some other character now.

At 12 January, 2010 11:31, Blogger green said...

How about Flash or Aquaman? I've always liked those heroes.

At 13 January, 2010 19:53, Blogger scribe said...

Those are DC characters. Spiderman is Marvel along with heroes like Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, etc.

At 13 January, 2010 20:04, Blogger green said...

I can never keep them heroes straight. My college roommate was big into comic books back then. He tried to tell me which heroes were DC and which were Marvel. Could never remember which was which. Still can't.

They've never made a Captain America movie... that could be interesting.

I didn't think Thor was an actual comic book hero, just Zeus-like but in Norse mythology.

At 13 January, 2010 22:10, Blogger ca nadeau said...

Actually, they did make a Cap movie...


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