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Monday, July 23, 2007

15 Questions...

I found this quiz on Southern Sweetheart's blog, back when I was reading her archives. I may have answered a quiz like this at some point in the last two years of blogging but can't remember. I'm not tagging anyone else to do it. Play along at your own risk.

1) Name a CD in your car that you are embarrassed to admit that you have: I don't get embarrassed by the CD's I listen to. I have them because I like them. I don't care what others think.

2) Name a song currently on the radio that you sing to in your car, that you are embarrassed to admit that you know the words to and like: I sing along with a lot of songs on the radio, when I'm in the car alone. I'd be embarrassed for others to hear me "sing".

3) TV show(s) that you secretly watch that you are embarrassed to admit: While I'm not an addict, I like Entertainment Tonight, Hard Copy... Hollywood tabloid shows like that.

4) TV or Movie Star that you would sleep with but are too embarrassed to admit that you would, because he/she is not your “normal” type: After thinking about it long and hard, my type or not, I'd sleep with the Jennifer trio: Garner, Aniston and Love Hewitt. Not to mention the English Kates: Winslet and Beckinsale. And even though she's on the young side for me, add a little Natalie Portman in for good measure. Elisha Cuthbert, too. Definitely.

5) Musician that you would sleep with but are too embarrassed to admit that you would, because he/she is not your “normal” type: As a youth I always thought Cyndi Lauper was sexy, so yeah her.

7) Admit HONESTLY what REALLY attracts you to the opposite sex at first site: I'm a boob man BUT if she doesn't have an attractive face/body then it doesn't matter how sweet her rack is.

8) Even though you are not gay, admit HONESTLY someone of the same sex who you would have sex with if you were gay: Umm, the thought of having sex with another man never crosses my mind. Ever.

9) Name an Olympic sport that you are embarrassed to admit that you like watching: Gymnastics in the Summer Games, Women's Figure Skating in the Winter Games.

10) Have you ever masturbated in a public place? Yes.

11) Have you ever had a job that no one knew about? If yes, what was it? No.

12) If you could be invisible for one day, who would you spy on? You babe. Only you.

13) Be honest… Have you ever had phone sex? No. What a waste of time.

14) Be honest… Have you ever hooked up with a friend of your gf/bf while you were dating? No.

15) Have you ever hooked up with someone that you would never tell your friends? No.

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At 23 July, 2007 21:10, Blogger Lee Ann said...

I like ET too!
I enjoy having it on in the background when I am doing housework!

Have a great week!

At 24 July, 2007 08:38, Blogger DaBich said...

"Have you ever masturbate in a public place?"


Gotta love the danger and excitement!

At 24 July, 2007 11:00, Blogger scribe said...

There was a record made after ET came out where the film was narrated by Michael Jackson and he sang a horrific song at the end to show his love for a young boy, er, I mean the lvoe of a young boy for an alien scientist. I owned that record.

At 24 July, 2007 12:14, Blogger Kayla said...

This tag is all about embarrassing moments! haha
I'm glad you didn't tag me for this one ;-)
What a coincidence that you are a boob man, and the video I posted features such a woman!


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