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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Marking the seasons

Today is the first day of autumn here in the United States. THe Autumnal Equinox officially began at 05:51 EDT this morning.

It's sad but my favorite season, summer, is over for another year. I do like fall, because of football season but on the same hand I don't like fall because the weather gets progressively colder. And we all know how much I looooove cold weather....

I'm also not a big fan of dead colored leaves once they've fallen off of the trees. Some foliage views are fantastic, but once you've seen one orange, yellow or red leaf, you've seen them all. And you definitely don't want to see the leaves once they turn a dead brown.

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At 23 September, 2007 21:59, Blogger American Guy said...

"once you've seen one orange, yellow or red leaf, you've seen them all."

No way - when i lived in the mountains in vermont i could spend hours at a go takign in the landscape. It never got old.

At 24 September, 2007 01:24, Blogger Southern Sweetheart said...

I love the falling leaves too but I hate the mess they make.

And while I like summer, this is my favorite time of year. :) FOOTBALL!!!!

At 24 September, 2007 09:21, Blogger DaBich said...

I love fall, but I'm with you...it's bittersweet cuz winter follows :(

I DO enjoy the leaves tho...no taking that away :)

At 24 September, 2007 15:46, Blogger green said...

ag: to each his own. Fall depresses me, generally.

ss: nice to hear from you. Yes, fall is good for, well TWO reasons - FOOTBALL and BASEBALL PLAYOFFS.

Other than these, summer remains tops on my season list.

d: that's the main reason why fall depresses me - because the weather gets progressively colder.


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