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Saturday, October 06, 2007

SNMR 3.29: "Pitch Black"

Tonight's SNMR feature is "Pitch Black" (2000, R, 107 minutes), starring Vin Diesel, Radha Mitchell, Cole Hauser, Keith David, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Claudia Black and Rhiana Griffith. The film was directed by David Twohy.

Several weeks ago when I was considering which films to include in the SNMR feature for series three, I asked my brother for some suggestions. For better or worse, this is one of them, which I kept putting off for something else. I've never seen this film before this, primarily because I'm not a Vin Diesel fan. Perhaps my opinion of his acting ability (or lack thereof) will change with the viewing. I do like sci-fi movies, though - so on that basis I'll give it a chance.

From the DVD's dust case:
When their ship crash lands on a remote planet, the marooned passengers soon learn that escaped convict Riddick (Diesel) isn't the only thing they have to fear. Deadly creatures lurk in the shadows, waiting to attack in the dark, and the planet is rapidly plunging into the utter blackness of a total eclipse. With the body count rising, the doomed survivors are forced to turn to Riddick with his eerie eyes to guide them through the darkness to safety. With time running out, there's only one rule: Stay in the light. Pitch Black is the original sci-fi hit that introduced the world to the character of Riddick, the ultimate anti-hero. Take a ride on the pulse-pounding adrenaline rush that USA Today calls "the best excuse to root for the bad guy since Arnold in the original Terminator."

From Martin & Porter's DVD & Video Guide 2007, p. 876:

A Starship crash-lands on a desert planet with three suns. The planet is also inhabited by carnivorous creatures that thrive on darkness - and a rare solar eclipse is on the way. Director David Twohy has an excellent visual flair (the film really does seem to be on another planet) and performances are strong. Unfortunately, all are defeated by the script, a banal and predictable rehash of Alien.

This film is okay but certainly not great. The special effects are decent but the creatures look too much like the monsters from the Alien movies. The storyline is not original and suffers from a weak script. The actors performances are so-so. Vin Diesel does nothing to impress me with his ability to "act". I'll give this film two out of five stars.



At 06 October, 2007 20:05, Blogger Esther said...

That is an awful picture of Vin Diesel on that DVD case cover.

Didn't see this movie.

Based on your review, probably won't ever.

Thanks for saving me some time.

(Not that I'm a big movie watcher to start with!)

At 08 October, 2007 09:02, Blogger DaBich said...

I do like Vin Diesel, and I enjoyed this movie. Oh well. LOL

At 08 October, 2007 10:47, Blogger green said...

esther: not my favorite, to be sure.

d: fortunately, or so my brother tells me, the sequel is 10x better.

At 09 October, 2007 05:14, Blogger DaBich said...

Yup, it was a lot better. Your bro is right.

At 09 October, 2007 18:45, Blogger scribe said...

OK, that's it! You and me toe to toe mother*&^%$#!!!! (Swears deleted in consideration of misses green's sensibilities!!!) You done insulted one of the all-time greats. The sequel was a junk-fest of over-reaching ambition with no aim!!! You and me, shirtless! You and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

At 09 October, 2007 18:59, Blogger Esther said...

Scribe: [In my best Southern Accent] Well, I do declare. You deleted for Lil Ol' Me? Chivalry is not dead.

Actually, thank you for that.

Really! My sensibilities thank you!

Now, as to you and Green shirtless. . .


At 11 October, 2007 18:53, Blogger scribe said...

Aw man...I just threw up in my mouth :(


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