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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

red tape and other miscellaneous thoughts

A few weeks ago now I worked for three days at two temp jobs and was supposed to get paid last Wednesday. I thought that the money would be deposited right into my checking account, since direct deposit was what I signed up for.

The money was not deposited, nor was I sent a check.

So last week I sent an email to my contact at this temp agency inquiring about what happened and got no response.

Today I called this temp agency and was told that as of recently my contact no longer works there and that particular office of the temp agency is closing.


So I was given the number of a guy (supposedly in the Boston office) who is supposed to help me sort through all of the red tape. Of course, he was not in today; so I left him a message on his voicemail and will call him first thing in the morning.


On a more positive note, another temp agency that I've been working with called me today. When I called the woman back she went through a list of open positions, two of which I think I would qualify for and to whom she will submit my resume. We'll see how that goes....

I still need to make a few more calls on Wednesday morning to drum up some responses to resumes sent out.


The New England Patriots romped over the Cincinnati Bengals last night, winning their fourth straight game by 20+ points, marking the first time that's happened in the modern NFL. Only one other team did it - the 1920 Buffalo All-Americans (who were 9-1-1 that year), in the very first year of the league that eventually became today's NFL. During that 1920 season, the fourteen league teams were allowed to play non-league teams, so lopsided scores were not unusual.


Maintaining my tradition of remembering significant dates: Yesterday would have been my 13th wedding anniversary, if I were still married to K.


At 02 October, 2007 18:11, Blogger ~Autumn said...

I think the Pats are still rolling bad tape. LOL Someone will catch them soon!

OH! and if my GOOD Browns show up for ALL 4 quarters, the Pats might have a challenge on their hands... at least for a minute... or two.

At 02 October, 2007 18:12, Blogger Stephanie said...

That SUCKS. I'd throw a fit until I got my money.

At 02 October, 2007 19:45, Blogger Esther said...

Green, Wow. I don't like hearing about the Temp Agency thing. I know you didn't either. That is rough and a raw deal.

I'm thrilled for your call back from the other Temp Agency. I pray that the open positions lead to a satisfying and rewarding job. I really do! I know you want the same.

I didn't make the connection about your anniversary yesterday. It's a new day, though. Embrace that, and look forward.

At 03 October, 2007 07:19, Blogger DaBich said...

Holy crap...call the Better Business Bureau on that temp agency....the friggin losers!

I watched the game Monday night up until half time. Cincinnati was holding their own (mostly by their D) until the end of the second quarter. Then as they say, all hell broke loose! lol The Pats are rolling...mainly because of the great rapport between Brady and Moss. Those two are awesome!

I agree with Esther ... put that anniversary behind...look forward :)


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