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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

I had a nice Father's Day, thanks for asking. ;>)

After church we had to make a stop at Sam's club so I could pick up a last minute Father's day present that my mom wanted to give my dad. It was "The Bucket List" DVD, which was $18.88. But I found a deal: For just $1 more I managed to pick up "The Bucket List" and another DVD I'd recently watched that I thought was good enough to own, eventually. I had no intention of buying it today but you can't beat that price. DVD's for a dollar. Cool.

Once we actually arrived home from church, we had a fantastic dinner consisting of grilled steak tips, home-made potato salad and corn on the cob. Of course I insisted on cooking the tips myself, Fathers Day or not... Grilling is a very manly thing to do and I love to do it.

While we were still sitting around the dinner table out came the Father's Day presents. I got my dad a restaurant gift certificate. V and M got him an outdoor thermometer for his deck. I got some movie theater passes from V and M and a Fenway Park Red Sox clock.

It was a cool, overcast day here and after the table was cleared, M and I went outside and played another round of catch, which we do quite often this time of year. (Remind me to remind you about some of the best money I ever spent). M also has been practicing his hitting, with a whiffle ball and bat. He's making great progress in his throwing and is starting to get the idea of hitting.

Once I got winded from chasing whiffle balls around the yard, we went inside to finish watching the Red Sox win handily in Cincinnati.

V, M and I finished out the evening watching a DVD before they went to bed. Right now I'm watching the Celtics - Lakers game five, hoping the Celtics can come from behind to win the NBA championship tonight. (Nope, didn't happen.)

All in all a good day.



At 16 June, 2008 00:45, Blogger JLee said...

Glad to hear you had a good Father's Day. Too bad about the Celtics though ;)

At 16 June, 2008 05:56, Blogger DaBich said...

Glad to see you spcial day was...special!

We had great weather. Mostly sunny, high about 78, and beautiful! Hubby and I took the motorcycle out, and rode it to see my dad as well. I love summer!obwty

At 16 June, 2008 19:58, Blogger American Guy said...

and obwty to you d!

I've long thought that if you put all these captchas together you could get some sort of coherence out of them.


At 16 June, 2008 19:58, Blogger American Guy said...


At 16 June, 2008 19:58, Blogger American Guy said...


At 16 June, 2008 20:00, Blogger American Guy said...

nope, i was wrong

At 16 June, 2008 20:10, Blogger green said...

getting coherent words out of the word verification thingy is almost as likely as.... evolution! Which is to say not very likely at all.

But give it a hundred billion years and you may get something.

At 16 June, 2008 20:11, Blogger green said...

jlee: the Celtics will likely wrap up the series on Tuesday.

d: yes indeed, summer is great.

At 16 June, 2008 21:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sent my Dad an Omaha steak dinner for two and threw in some cream puffs. You'd have thought I'd sent him a million dollar check. I miss my Dad :-( You're lucky you got to spend the day with yours.

Sounds like you had a great day!

Now, I'm off to Disney so don't miss me too much.


didn't work for me either AG


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