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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Brother 10

Big Brother 9 was amusing enough for me to be interested in seeing what Season 10 would offer.

Big Brother 10 House Guests

The point of the game is simple. A bunch of strangers are sequestered in a house and have to live together 24/7. Each week a Head of Household (HOH) is crowned. The HOH must nominate two other house guests for eviction. There are all sorts of competitions within the house each week, for HOH, for food perks vs. eating slop and for the Power of Veto (POV). POV is important because that person can decide to veto one of the HOH's nominations, forcing them to choose a replacement or not to do anything, leaving the nominations the same. Each week, one of the nominees is voted out of the house in a majority wins situation. The nominees are not allowed to vote and the HOH can only vote as a tiebreaker. Evicted house guests are sequestered for the rest of the season in separate locations. After the first five house guests are evicted the remaining evicted house guests form the jury, which will vote for the winner. The house guest left standing at the end wins half a million bucks.

The show airs on CBS three nights per week, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

We're two weeks into the summer edition of Big Brother. Thirteen new house guests, two of which have already been evicted.

Before I comment further, you ought to catch up on what you missed:

Episode 6
Episode 5
Episode 4
Episode 3
Episode 2
Episode 1

My impressions of the first two weeks:

The house decor is much better by far than what the house looked like in season 9.

Evicted week one: Brian (voted out 9-1)
Evicted week two: Steven (voted out 9-0)

I don't like Renny, Jessie or Libra.

My favorite house guests so far for the guys: Ollie, Jerry and Memphis. Dan is OK. You have to appreciate Jerry, a 75 year old ex-Marine, swimming with the kiddies.

My favorite house guests so far for the girls: Keesha, April and Angie. Even though Michelle is from Rhode Island, she does nothing for me.

This week's HOH: Keesha
I think she'll nominate Renny and Jessie this week. Just a guess, though.

I'm trying to stay away from these spoiler web sites. I don't get Showtime, so I can't watch BBAD and I don't care enough or have enough time to subscribe to the 24/7 Internet feed. Three hours a week - the regular network airings is enough BB for me.



At 02 August, 2008 20:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy crap does Keesha have a potty mouth! I caught a few minutes of BBAD last night and the f-bomb was used every other word, she's a trashy broad!! Looks like its going to be a battle of the two blondes this week...with Jessie fueling the fire.


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