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Sunday, July 19, 2009

BB 11 episodes 2-4

Here are the links to the recaps for last week's Big Brother shows, found on cbs.com. You can also watch the actual episodes there, if ya like.

Episode 2 - Sunday, July 12.
Episode 3 - Tuesday, July 14.
Episode 4 - Thursday, July 16.

Lydia and Chima weer nominated for eviction. Russell won the POV competition and took Lydia off of the block. HOH Jessie nominated Braden as a replacement.

The vote was a 5-5 tie for who to evict. When it reached that point, I knew Braden was toast as Jessie had to break the tie. Chima lives for another week.

I don't like Chima - she's a whiner. Nor do I like Ronnie - he's a goober and a double crossing schemer. I can do with out Kevin, too. His harsh words to Braden in his good-bye video were totally unnecessary.

Lydia wouldn't be so bad except for those tattoos and pierced tongue are a major turn off. She really wasn't too nice to Braden in his good bye video either. In her case she was more justified as Braden had said some pretty mean things to her to set her off in the first place.

I like Jordan (love that sexy Southern accent!), Natalie and Laura. Jeff and Casey are cool. I didn't care for Jessie in BB10, though he's more likable this time around. I'm wary of Russell the (self proscribed) "love muscle". He's too full of himself.

Ronnie, the snake in the grass, won the HOH competition over Michelle, so that means that the brains clique - Ronnie, Michelle and Chima are automatically safe from eviction this week.

I have no clue who he'll nominate, since he's playing both sides.



At 21 July, 2009 19:13, Blogger Blanche said...

ok I'll copy and paste what I said on your last BB11 post: We're pretty much the same..

Ronnie is gonna get his butt booted after the move he just made throwing Michelle under the bus and playing both sides. They're on to him. Once he's off his HOH duties, he's a gonner. He creeps me out. I'd like to see Jordan win it. (This week) . Can't stand Chyma. I think Laura may go home this week if Jeff can get enough votes. Watch out for Natalie. she's a scraper.

21 July, 2009 08:11

At 22 July, 2009 16:42, Blogger Blanche said...

WTF is Ronnie doing putting up Jordan? I hope he gets his butt kicked out as soon as possible! I know he is doing it to get rid of miss big boobs, Jordan best not forget this!


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