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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Car maintenance sucks.

Last night I finally had the means to buy a new battery for my car. Today my brother helped me install it (I'm mot very mechanically inclined when it comes to cars.) and it worked. Sucker started up on the first try!! WOOT!!

Then I went to an auto parts store that advertises free starter and alternator checks, except for the kid couldn't get a good connection to the battery and told me I needed to replace it. "Yeah right, kid." I told him that the battery was brand new and was definitely not the problem.

Next I tried the repair shop that has worked on my car before. This time the guy told me that the alternator and starter units were working fine but that I needed a new battery. To which I repeated the same new battery story. Why in the heck do they need to make car batteries with the terminal connections on the side? And then jam all kinds of crap real close so the terminals are not easily accessible or downright hidden from view? Topping it off, my car's engine has the washer fluid reservoir right above the battery and an engine support bar on top of that. What a dumb ass engine design that is. No wonder why GM vehicles generally suck.

But I digress.

The bad news is what the auto repair garage guy tells me next: that the AC Compressor is making noise and is on the way out AND that it could eat away at the belts in the engine sooner rather than later. And if the belts go, I lose all engine control and power steering. Niiice! Just what I don't need.
New AC Compressor installed... $765.00. {ack!}

OR... they can install a bypass pulley and avoid the AC compressor all together for $275.00 including a new belt.

With over 134K miles on my eleven year old car, can you guess which way I'm going?

Seriously, I never use the AC even on the hottest of days. I'd rather roll down the window in the warm weather anyway. This repair will have to wait until next week. Appointment already made for next Wednesday.

Just so happens that this garage is within 100 yards of Five Guys in Nashua, and it was lunchtime, so off I went while my car was being analyzed and diagnosed. Good eating.

Also went to get my $9 core charge back for returning the old battery and stopped to get a much needed haircut. Finally a car wash for the salty vehicle before....

I got home and was reminded that I was on dinner duty tonight. {sigh}

But I tell you, it's nice to have my car back in a reasonably working condition.

What a day...

Early day tomorrow, too...



At 13 January, 2010 22:14, Blogger ca nadeau said...

I was gonna comment, really I was! But then you wrote "woot!"

I hate Woot.

At 14 January, 2010 08:48, Blogger green said...


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