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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

BB12 Kristen will go bye-bye :>(

I wanted to post a picture of BB12 Kristen in the hippie-tard that she "won" in the PoV competition this week but couldn't find one online. Yet. Let me just say she wears it well! In lieu of that, let me leave you with this pic, obviously taken before this season of Big Brother. Damn, she looks good. Real good.

Either she or Hayden will be evicted tomorrow and will be the first person to form this season's jury that will decide the winner.

Brendon should vote for Hayden to stay because that's what Rachel wants.
Enzo will vote for Hayden to stay
Lane will vote for Hayden to Stay.
Matt will vote for Hayden to stay.
Britney will vote for Kristen to stay.
Kathy will vote for Kristen to stay.
Ragan will vote for Kristen to stay.

Unless what I read is true and Ragan inadvertently reveals "The Brigade" to the rest of the house and then Brendon's vote could change.

But as I see it now, Kristen, unfortunately, will be evicted by a 4-3 vote.



At 06 August, 2010 20:16, Blogger green said...

Actually the vote was 6-1 with Kathy the only favorable vote.


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