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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Deflategate, just go away and let's just play football.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that the NFL and NFLPA are trying to reach a settlement in the Tom Brady suspension Deflategate mess. Schefter seems to think that a settlement will not be reached and that the Commish will hold firm to the four games, denying Brady's appeal.

If this happens, I won't be in the least bit surprised because Roger Goodell is an idiot and should never have heard the appeal in the first place. The NFL must realize (or you would think they would) that in light of the new rules and guidelines on inspecting and testing footballs for correct air pressure put in place just this week, that the appeal has little or no chance to be upheld in federal court, which is EXACLY where this mess is headed.

The NFL mishandled this case badly, from the flawed and inconclusive Wells Report to the ridiculous 4 game suspension handed down by Troy Vincent (with Goodell's blessing) and the loss of draft picks for the Patriots organization over "more probable than not that Brady knew or was generally aware of" what was going on with the footballs.

The only way that the NFL can come out of this with a shred of decency is for the four game suspension to be vacated without the need of a court to tell them so and acknowledge (which they have, sort of, by the new rules) that they screwed up. Expect Brady to get a court ordered injunction that will allow him to play this season until the courts can have their say. Sorry haters but you've struck a hornets nest and you can expect Brady to play football all season.

UPDATE: Brady's suspension was upheld, lawsuits were filed by the NFL and NFLPA in New York and Minnesota. The NFLPA's suit was moved to New York. A judge ordered the two sides to reach a settlement without litigation and tone down the rhetoric, public and private. Both sides want a resolution before the start of the 2015 regular season.


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