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Friday, May 04, 2007

No good news on the job front

The AP is reporting today on the latest unemployment rate and other key economic indicators. The overall job market does not look good due in part to a sluggish economy. (Thanks, W!!!!)

In other news, according to the temp agency that facilitated the interview I had on Wednesday, the interviewing company has apparently decided not to offer me a position. I'm still trying to get feedback from the employer through the temp agency on their reasoning, so I can improve on the next interview I have, whenever that might be.

Quite frankly I'm very surprised that I was not offered a position. I think I gave a good showing of myself during the interview and felt confident that I could do the job well, if given the opportunity. Also quite surprising considering the urgency with which the interviewer came across as wanting to fill several similar positions quickly to handle the ever increasing workload of an expanding company.

There is a job out there for me somewhere that will allow me to get the cash flow going in the right direction again. It seems that I must continue to explore the possibilities and feasibility of self-employment...

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At 04 May, 2007 16:28, Blogger Constant said...

I'm sorry to hear about the results. :(


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