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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Three more interviews

I managed to have three job interviews today, though only one was actually scheduled.

The first one (scheduled) was for a sales job and is a paid-on-commission only position. That probably won't work for the short term for me because cash flow is extremely limited and I need to make money now. And I'm not really confident in my abilities as a salesperson. I lack the in-person schmooziness that all obnoxious but effective salespeople have. Suffice it to say that, while the money would be great, I'm probably going to disregard this, even if they want to hire me. There's really only one sales job I'd bet I could do. Again though, I'm not sure I'm cut out for sales.

The second interview was with yet another staffing agency whose name I found while searching through a job posting website. I had emailed my resume in response to the posting but had the email sent back to me as undeliverable. Their office happened to be right up the street from interview #1, so I figured I had nothing to lose by going in and attempting to talk to someone.

Interview #3 was indirectly on my way home and was based on an ad they had placed on another one of the employment sites I've been checking. The person in question had emailed me back in response to my inquiry and I had sent her two return emails and placed a call to her office phone with no response. The person I went to see there did squeeze me in for about 15 minutes, which was good, since I came unannounced and she was not really prepared for me. The good part about this job would be that it's a direct hire position and I'd be eligible for benefits from day one. That would be a plus for me.

I'll reserve judgment on how I did at #2 or #3 and wait to see if any offers are thrown my direction. So I'll just keep plugging away looking for other jobs in the mean time.

I wish last week's interview had turned out better. Still don't know what I did to blow it...


Dice-K pitches again tonight for the Red Sox at Toronto. I hope his recent short spans of wildness will cease tonight. Still, my Sox are doing extremely well so far and I hope it continues tonight. The game starts at 19:07. Red Sox won 9-3.

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At 09 May, 2007 23:03, Blogger An American in Melbourne said...

"I wish last week's interview had turned out better. Still don't know what I did to blow it..."

You didn't neccesarily blow it.

The reality is that there was probably just someone else who was a little bit closer match to what they were looking for.

I've condicted several interviews where we've basically said 'well there are 2 people that we really like, but we can only take 1'

At 10 May, 2007 08:15, Blogger green said...

ag: thanks for the consolation. But I do think I might have said something that hurt my chances, since this company has apparently several similar openings to fill.

Maybe there was someone who was a closer match to what they were looking for, but if there were I couldn't have been way off the mark. I did express confidence to the interviewer that there was nothing in the job description that I hadn't seen before or couldn't handle.

Oh, well. Onward we go.

At 11 May, 2007 01:02, Blogger Kayla said...

You seem like you'd be good in a management position. Any chance of that in your particular field?
Or a similar field?

Sales would not be for me either.
Good luck!

At 11 May, 2007 13:46, Blogger green said...

kayla: I think I could do management as well but I have no prior managerial experience. I have been with a wide variety of companies and worked for many managers, some good some bad, so I think I have a handle on what managerial style I'd bring to the table.

On sales: I'm not too keen on commission only jobs. Now salary plus commission would be a different story. I don't have the obnoxious overbearing personality that most salespeople exhibit.


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