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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Books of the Month - September 2007

This months Book of the Month selections are really good and come highly recommended.
I'm trying to get the publishers to send me some free copies to give away, as I've done in the past few months. We shall see.

The first selection this month is Lee Strobel's "The Case for the Real Jesus"

Former atheist and investigative journalist Lee Strobel uses in depth interviews with experts to thoroughly discredit six modern myths as to the identity of Jesus, who he was and what he taught.

Strobel tackles six tough questions:
1) Is a different Jesus seen in ancient documents, such as the Gospel of Thomas and other Gnostic texts accurate?
2) Has tampering by the Church changed the scriptures and how the Bible views Jesus?
3) Do new explanations disprove the resurrection of Jesus?
4) Did Jesus fulfill Messianic prophecies as recorded in the Bible?
5) Did the first Christians get their ideas about Jesus from pagan religions?
6) Is it reasonable today that people should pick and choose what to believe about Jesus?

Strobel concludes that all of these seemingly daunting challenges crumble under close examination by scholars and experts using facts, logic and evidence.

If you've liked any other of Lee Strobel's books, The Case for Christ, The Case for a Creator or The Case for Faith, you will enjoy this book. Stobel's investigative question asking skills get right to the heart of the matters at hand. His writing style remains engaging and is very easy to read and understand.

Purchase a copy for yourself here or here.

The second selection this month is a book that will be published on September 11th and was written by Max Lucado.

You find it displayed on billboards and at sports' games. John 3:16. Perhaps the best-known verse in the Bible, its 26 words encapsulate the fundamental truth of Christianity, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son ...." In 3:16: The Numbers of Hope, bestselling author Max Lucado delves into this "hope diamond of the Bible" phrase by life-changing phrase. Concluding the study, a 40 day devotional snapshot of Jesus' life, taken from Max's writings, grounds the verse in the greater context of who Jesus was. Whether you're a newcomer to the Bible or a veteran believer, explore the implications of God's parade of hope: He loves. He gave. We believe. We live.

Purchase your copy here or here.



At 02 September, 2007 10:50, Blogger Tuyet said...

I will also add this to my list!


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