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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another Nor'easter on the way

After a week with unusual warmth and lots of snow meltage, including smashing a 74 year old temperature record last Tuesday, we here in the northeast are bracing for another huge snowstorm. To the north and west of Boston up into Nashua and southern New Hampshire the latest snowfall estimates I've heard is between 10-14 inches. The the crucial questions now are: When will it start? How badly will it mess up the morning and afternoon commutes tomorrow? What kind of snow will it be?

The answers to these questions remain to be seen but it is supposed to start sometime after midnight. The weather gnomes are predicting 1-2 inches falling per hour at times, so it's probably going to royally screw up the morning commute.

As far as what kind of snow it will be, I'm hoping for the light fluffy kind because that is easier to shovel.

It was kind of weird this week in that I heard thunder and saw the glow of lightning outside my window, due to the springlike temperatures we enjoyed. That kind of weather is common for summer but very rare in January in this part of the country. But, this is New England and the weather is often weird and unpredictable. We just roll with the punches.


Esther and I continued a conversation today that we started several weeks ago. We talked it over and we have decided that we're better off as friends instead of being involved in a relationship. This was a mutual decision and not the result of either one of us deciding that the relationship wasn't going to work and breaking it off. No matter what happens in the future, Esther and I are and remain very good friends. That will never change. I have been blessed to talk to her and know her over these last five months. What you read on her blog is true and genuine; a small slice of a compassionate, caring, intelligent Christian woman.

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At 13 January, 2008 22:05, Blogger Esther said...

Yes, we will remain good friends!

As I said on my blog today, Green is a wonderful man, and I am truly honored to have him as a friend.

I am thankful for you, Green.

Nothing about that changes.

At 14 January, 2008 09:39, Blogger DaBich said...

Well, that's good, that you will remain friends. I guess it wasn't in the stars for anything more.
Hope you aren't snowed in Green!


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