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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"UnbeWEAVEable" Red Sox opener

Baseball season and the Boston Red Sox World Series title defense officially began early this morning, at 6:05 AM EDT. The Red Sox and Oakland Athletics are playing their first two games of the regular season in Tokyo, Japan as part of Major League Baseball promoting itself overseas and to baseball crazed Japan. I'm happy to report that the Red Sox won, 6-5 (10 innings). They'll play again tomorrow morning at 6:05 AM EDT. The rest of the regular schedule for the 2008 season resumes on April 1st. As I did last year, I'll keep track of the Red Sox record and upcoming schedule over on the sidebar.


I got as close to "Hollywood" last night as I'll probably ever get.

Yesterday my dad called me at 17:30 to advise me that I should go over to the mall and check out some of the filming going on.

So I did. It was pretty cool to see all of the lights, diffusers, power cables and various other movie making equipment strewn about the place. It was interesting to watch the security people do crowd control for curious onlookers, such as myself. There were all kinds of production crew on hand doing their jobs. Many locals auditioned for the right to be extras, as part of a regular mall crowd, some of whom will actually appear in the final film, which is scheduled to be released in mid-January 2009.

I actually got close enough to see a scene between Kevin James and, I believe, this actress. I can tell you that the scene included James, dressed up in his security guard uniform and sporting a moustache, and the woman who was closing up her kiosk for the night. Her kiosk was called "UnbeWEAVEable" at which she was selling brightly colored wigs. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear any of the dialogue from my vantage point, which was about 75 feet to the left of where the actors were doing their thing.

I must have looked on for about 30 minutes, saw about all I wanted to see and then went home. It will be interesting to find out more about this film as details become available.

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