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Thursday, April 17, 2008

BB9 update (two weeks left)

Here are your BB9 updates for the week: Episode 27, Episode 28, and Episode 29.

I can't say that I'm sad that Natalie got evicted this week. She had it coming after playing everyone in the house and not being very secretive about it. It's getting down to the end - there are only four people left in the house.

The CBS show showed James arrival at the Juror house and his venting on Chelsia and blaming her for his eviction last week, saying that the way she decided to leave the house was the final nail in his coffin. That his ties to her ultimately led to his undoing. He did later apologize to her. I think his outburst was uncalled for.

The real reason he was voted out was that he is a strong competitor in competitions and would have been a real threat to win the game if he was left in the house. I can understand why they wanted him gone.

Better for me, as a viewer because I thought he was annoying. Just as annoying as chatty Natalie was at the end.

Ryan won HoH this week, so that bodes well for his secret alliance with Sharon and neither Adam or Sheila have a clue about.

My favorite remaining house guests are Sharon, Ryan, Adam and Sheila.

I think it's odd but when I started to leave these BB9 posts, I thought for sure that Adam and Sheila would be gone soon into the season. Somehow they've both managed to stick around until the final four.


Well, I'm plugging along and am almost finished with season 9 of "Friends." Soon I'll be starting the 10th and final season and I'm looking forward to it.

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