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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Books of the Month - April 2008

The first Book of the Month selection for April is "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible", by Robert J. Hutchinson.

From the back cover: "The Bible was once regarded as the 'Good Book' ... but today is under attack from left wing academics, novelists and screenwriters to justify their own political agendas. But fear not: award-winning religious journalist Robert J. Hutchinson turns the truth about the Bible- as well as the latest biblical scholarship- against the mockers, skeptics and deniers to show that not only is the Bible true, but it is the source of Western ideas of charity, justice, reason, science and democracy. Hutchinson takes you on a fast-paced politically incorrect tour of the most important book ever written. The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible is a book that atheists fear and that honest inquirers and believers will relish."

You can purchase your copy here or here.

The second selection for this month is "The New Atheist Crusaders and Their Unholy Grail: The Misguided Quest to Destroy Your Faith", by Becky Garrison. This is the book that I received a free copy of for doing a little bit of price comaprison shopping, which I mentioned here.

From the back cover: "Restless from sitting on the sideline while the latest crop of New Atheists attempts to pulverize Christianity into oblivion, Becky Garrison - a professional religious satirist- has decided to throw down the gauntlet, pick up her pen and meet the anti-God gurus challenge head on in The New Atheist Crusaders and Their Unholy Grail.

Employing a whetted wit and unique spiritual perspective, Garrison wields her irreverent and insightful satire to turn aside the assaults of pop-atheists Dawkins, Harris and Dennett. The New Atheist Crusaders pours a cool, refreshing cup of reason on the most heated debates of our day, including:

Forget War- What is Religion Good For
God: Our Great Celestial Security Blanket
C'Mon, Religion and Science, Can't We Just Get Along?

As humorous as it is honest and as biting as it is poignant, this book will challenge your actions, reinforce your faith and inspire you to stand tall in your beliefs."

You can purchase your copy here or here.



At 01 April, 2008 22:43, Blogger Esther said...

Really fascinating books this month, Green.

Where'd you see them?

I'm highly interested in reading them.

At 01 April, 2008 22:59, Blogger green said...

As I seem to do more often these days, I find a good book to look at when V, M and I go to Borders on Saturdays for storytime. I write down the titles I'm interested in and then when I get back home, I look them up online to see how much cheaper I can get them.

As always, links are provided for each book.

At 02 April, 2008 11:34, Blogger JLee said...

That first one looks really interesting to me...I'll have to check it out.

At 16 April, 2008 07:41, Blogger Lui said...

"The enemies of the Bible are enemies of true reason and tolerance."

Oh, brother. When will people realise that a book written by Bronze Age mystics ISN'T the answer to our woes, ISN'T a biology textbook? Have they not noticed that the game's moved on since then, and that - as much as it pains them to say so - the scientists who engineer their vaccines and hi-tech hospitals they rely on when they get ill might actually know what they're doing after all? When will the Bible-thumping propaganda squad stop bestowing upon themselves all credit for humanity's advances (even while they try to hold humanity back in many areas)?
And who counts as an "enemy of the Bible"? The phrase is practically meaningless. I'm certainly not an enemy of the Bible (in the same way that I'm not an enemy of the Koran). Such a phrase just means, "If you don't agree with me wholeheartedly, you're therefore immoral and you hate tolerance." The use of such a phrase is itself a mark of intolerance, because, as every man and his dog knows, it's demonstrably false that atheists or people of other faiths are all "enemies of reason". The enemies of reason can more readily be found amongst those who claim special insight and knowledge because of reading the Bible. If I don't swallow whole every claim in the Bible as literally true, does that make me its "enemy"? I can still read it, enjoy it (and cringe at the blood-curdling violence and cruelty depicted in some parts of it), perhaps draw some valuable lessons from it, and admire it when it provides a compelling storyline and shows people overcoming adversity,. And critique it when I think it's gibberish. But it doesn't mean I'm obliged to accept it in its entirety. Only someone with a deeply irrational mindset could think that it's a perfect or near-perfect document. And please tell me that it doesn't actually claim that Noah's Ark actually got built? Come on people. Doesn't that story just smack of complete childishness? I mean, just THINK about it for a minute. Something like that isn't even remotely possible, for a whole bunch of reasons. The fact that millions of grown adults actually believed it in a literal sense is utterly deranged.


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