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Saturday, April 19, 2008

SNMR 4.23: "Music and Lyrics"

Tonight's SNMR feature is "Music and Lyrics" (2007, PG-13, 105 minutes), starring Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, Kristin Johnston, Haley Bennett and Brad Garrett. The film was directed by Marc Lawrence

PLOT SUMMARY: First you're hot, then you're not... and then you're Alex Fletcher (Grant), washed up, has been 80's pop sensation. Alex is great writing music but can't write decent lyrics to go along with his music. When tween sensation Cora asks Alex to write her a song for her tour, he agrees - but only has a few days to complete it or else she'll choose someone else's song. Enter Sophie Fisher (Barrymore), the fill in water-the-plants lady who has a green thumb for composing lyrics. Together they pursue songwriting happiness and discover that the task is easier when you're actually in love.

MY THOUGHTS: Any time you can make fun of the silliness that was the 1980's is good. Hugh Grant is believable and highly amusing as a washed up 80's musician. A character like Sophie is believable as one who writes song lyrics with ease but not as a romantic interest for Fletcher, simply because of the age difference between the two. I was unimpressed with Drew Barrymore in this role and feel that they could have plugged any actress in the role and it would be a better film, or at least not lose a beat. The script is weak and unmemorable. I did find it amusing that the tween sensation Cora Corman (Haley Bennett) is clearly meant to imitate a younger Britney Spears with the skimpy costumes and erotic dancing like you find at a Britney concert. Kristin Johnston (3rd Rock From the Sun) plays Rhonda Fletcher, Sophie's sister and Flanagan groupie in a basically non essential filler role. What a mismatch, pairing the 6'0" Johnston next to the 5'4" Barrymore.

This is an average film at best that had potential but goes nowhere.

** out of *****



At 23 April, 2008 15:46, Blogger Saur♥Kraut said...

I always find that Drew Barrymore is a perpetual disappointment. She was OK in another 80s themed movie (The Wedding Singer) but that was another one that almost any actress could've make significantly better. Let's face it, she can't act her way out of a paperbag.

Still, I might rent this movie, as I like the premise and the actor in it.

Thanks for another review!

At 23 April, 2008 17:11, Blogger green said...


I actually liked The Wedding Singer.

I do agree, though, she's definitely a subpar actress with a royal Hollywood name.

At 23 April, 2008 22:58, Blogger JLee said...

Maybe it's cuz I'm a girl, but I really liked this movie. I do think Grant kind of stole the show though, but I do like their chemistry.


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