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Sunday, August 03, 2008

BB10 - week three update

Here's what you missed this week:

Episode 9
Episode 8
Episode 7

My impressions of week three:

CBS has moved eviction night from Wednesday to Thursday, still at 20:00.

Evicted week three: Angie (voted out 8-0)

Still don't like Jessie or Libra. My opinion of Renny is changing.

I still like April, Ollie, Memphis, Dan, Jerry and Keesha, despite a potty mouth (thanks Bluez for that update.)

This week's HOH: April.

I'll admit I cheated to find out that she won the HOH, since it was an endurance comp and went on long after the CBS show ended. I'm amazed that a muscle bound guy couldn't beat a woman in an endurance competition like that. It'll be interesting to see what happened when they summarize it on tonight's show.

I have no idea who she'll nominate this week. Perhaps Jessie and Jerry or Memphis. Just a guess, though. I'm not going to cheat and find out.

An opportunity missed this week in not evicting Jessie, which could come back to haunt the house guests. I know Keesha wanted Angie out but I thought that the way Jessie was acting that he might get tossed instead of Angie. I'm surprised how unified the house guests are in voting the way the HOH wants. I thought it would be a much closer vote to evict, say 5-3 or 5-4 (with Keesha breaking the tie).

I'll post a similar update every week, which works for me.

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At 04 August, 2008 00:11, Blogger Esther said...

Dan is now America's Player, and he managed to persuade April to nominate Jessie for eviction.

An interesting and disgusting note that I actually saw reported on one of the main newschannels (which surprised me): Jessie has done nude modeling.

I guess that shouldn't be any surprise considering that he likes his body so much and HE RARELY WEARS A SHIRT. I think it's great that he is "100% Natural" in his bodybuilding (as his ONLY shirt seems to say), but it just seems to be too many muscles. It's overload.

I think most women prefer a toned man, but not overly built.

Am I right, Girls?

At 04 August, 2008 05:32, Blogger DaBich said...

esther ~ precisely! I hate too much muscle.
I don't watch this show tho. When does hockey start!?! lol

At 04 August, 2008 07:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jessie was probably stuffed in the trash can and his locker at school one too many times and is now out to prove he's manly. The roids must not be working, he had no endurance on that challenge. RENNY beat him! I love Dan I think he's hysterical. I loved it when he was trying to teach Michelle how to say "Wa-T-er.

At 04 August, 2008 17:15, Blogger green said...

e: yeah, I think too much bodybuilding is too much, especially on a woman. Toned is fine.

I think most guys would prefer a toned woman too.

d: I never thought I'd like such a show as BB but it is interesting. You should watch.

bluez: I think you are right about Jessie - a too small kid who got picked on alot overcompensated by becoming a bodybuilder.

I thought he was a shoo-in to win that endurance comp and it was amusing to see how he didn't.

I do have to say that Rhode Islanders and folks from southeastern MA (in the Fall River area) do have unusually bad New England accents. If I had lived in RI I might speak that way, too.

Watching Dan try and teach Michelle how to say "wa-ter" was funny.

At 04 August, 2008 17:46, Blogger Esther said...

Green: "I think most guys would prefer a toned woman too." You mean you and all the other men don't want to be some manly looking muscle woman's appetizer?

DB: Wasn't the main hockey finale about a month ago? I don't watch hockey because it was never big where I've lived, but there are a lot of northern transplants here who love their hockey! I would hear the buzz in May when walking my dog. What I don't understand is why the biggest series is in a warm weather month? Wouldn't it naturally go with a cold month since it was originally an outdoor winter sport? Help!

Bluez: Ever thought about being a psychologist? :) I think you have diagnosed Jessie spot on.

Not to speak of Jessie's intelligence untowardly because we all make mistakes in spelling and speaking from time to time, but he has misspoken on several "larger" vocabulary words at least five times. He has used a similar sounding word entirely substituting it for the correct word, but in doing that, he thinks he sounds so intelligent because he has used a "large" word. It's the totally wrong word though. That just makes his pontificating look ignorant.

At 06 August, 2008 05:37, Blogger DaBich said...

Esther, yeah, the season is a long one, so the Cup Finals end up in May and into early June. I'm an addict so I get withdrawal in July!

Baseball is a warm weather sport, but the World Series goes into October, and up here in the North, the nights get pretty chilly!

At 06 August, 2008 12:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bichy, you missed them playing hockey last night so there!!

Can't stand Libra, I wanted to punch her last night. Michelle had a point about her not wanting a letter from home being that she left 5 month old twins behind to be in BB this season.

I think Memphis is a gonner and I loved how Dan got that hug in there...it kind of showed a soft side to Jessie but then I snapped myself out of it...

At 08 August, 2008 08:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last night was a pleasant surprise seeing the houseguests split. Its about time. I think Jessie was a bit surprised though he didn't show it. Let the real game begin!

At 09 August, 2008 21:16, Blogger scribe said...

All of you frighten me.


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