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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

BIG Screen turns 50!!

Yes, that's right. We're about to do our 50th review over on BIG Screen, the utterly fantastic, gotta read it now movie review blog that the Scribester and I write.

Why am I telling you this?


We're eliciting your votes for which movie we ought to review for the big 5-0!! All you have to do is go over to the comments section on BIG Screen and cast your vote. We want to know what you think! VOTE HERE.

We are, however, restricted to the movies available to us from the DVD & video collections at our local libraries and from whatever movies we happen to own, because we're like birds... Cheap, cheap, cheap! Well, Scribe is anyway!

Oh, yes he is!! Just ask him!!

Even if you read that blog and never comment, we'd still like to hear your opinion! Come on and break your vow of silence!! Now is the time! Heck, while you're at it, you could even bookmark BIG Screen and become a regular reader! If you have a blog of your own, then you could even link BIG Screen to your sidebar so others can see it, too!


The polls will be open until they're not, so act now and cast your vote for the movie you'd like to see Scribe-o-rama and me review for #50!


Sure, it's a shameless self promotion, but I don't care! If you can't promote your blog on your very own blog then, well..... why wouldn't you promote your blog on your own blog?

Free advertising and all, you know??.

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At 06 January, 2009 19:54, Blogger American Guy said...

i feel strangely compelled to go over to that blog and vote. if only you had provided us a link...

At 08 January, 2009 20:35, Blogger scribe said...

Y'know, I would buy a plane ticket to come out there and give you a piec eof my mind but it's too expensive!!!

At 09 January, 2009 22:02, Blogger Fondue Princess said...

hey green!!! it was great to hear from you. Yeah...Bodhi is going to be a big brother. I think this one is a girl...i've been so sick. Everyone here is doing well...how's everything with you? I guess i could just read your blog though...lol


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