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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

get ready for the transition...

....or you'll miss it.

....from this year to next.

....from December to January

....from 2008 to 2009.

....from MMVIII to MMIX (gawd, I looooove Roman numerals - their so kewl!)

Any way you slice it though, it's just another flip of the calendar page to a new month. No big deal. Just so happens that we add one to the year. It's like the odometer in your car (the old kind with the actual numbers on little plastic discs that actually flip, not this digital stuff.)

I wonder what 2009 will bring?

My guess is more of the same... for most people. Those of you who will be fortunate or not so fortunate, depending on your circumstances, enough to go through some significant change in the coming year ought to realize how lucky you are.

I want change, but am I man enough to do it? Time will tell.

If you want my resolutions from 2008, go back here. I 'm not telling which of these I did or didn't keep last year. These are good resolutions and times are hard, what with the economy and all a goin' down the hopper and all, so I'm going to recycle those 2008 resolutions and use them again this year.

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