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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Conference Championships - 2008 NFL Playoffs

#6 Philadelphia (-3½) at #4 Arizona: It's safe to say that no one expected this matchup for the right to go to the Super Bowl. Historically, the all time series is 54-54-5. The Cardinals last won the championship in 1947, when they were based in Chicago. The Eagles were in the Super Bowl in 2004 but lost to the Patriots and have not won the Championship since 1960.

Both teams are playing as well as you can in the playoffs, and this should be a close game, even though the Eagles stomped the Cardinals by 28 points on Thanksgiving. The first key will be Arizona's defense controlling the line of scrimmage and keeping the Eagles offense in check. The second key is turnovers. While I'd love to see Arizona win, but I don't think they'll be able to do it. A late touchdown by Philadelphia will make the score not as close as the game will be. Prediction: Philadelphia 30, at Arizona 21. Actual result: at Arizona 32, Philadelphia 25. When Arizona went up big I was shocked. When Philly came back late to take a one point lead I wasn't surprised, figuring it was time for Arizona's house of Cards to fold. That they came back to win was very satisfying, considering the futile history of this franchise. I'm pleased to have picked wrong here.

#6 Baltimore at #2 Pittsburgh (-6): Pittsburgh leads the all time series 17-10-0 thanks to two close wins vs. the Ravens this season. It's awfully hard to beat the same team three times in the same season. This is going to be a real tight, low scoring defensive battle. The winner of this game will be favored to win Super Bowl XLIII in two weeks. It will be tough but I think the Ravens will win. Prediction: Baltimore 14, at Pittsburgh 10. Actual result: at Pittsburgh 23, Baltimore 14. This was, as I predicted a close game throughout. Unfortunately the rookie Ravens QB had a mistake filled day - the last one sealing the win for the Steelers.

I'll have my Super Bowl XLIII prediction for you in two weeks.

With one game to go, I'm 3-7 on picking winners both straight-up and vs. the point spread. I haven't been this inept at football picks that I can ever recall - and I've been doing it every season since 1996. Tell ya what. Whatever my Super Bowl pick is, do the exact opposite. Your odds are better. Much better.


Happy 44th Birthday, C!

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At 19 January, 2009 05:20, Blogger DaBich said...

Well, Green One, you got 0% on those two.

The Steelers made it! And Philly is out, YES! I cannot abide Philly and their nasty fans.

Kurt Warner played a good game.

At 20 January, 2009 22:50, Blogger Rudy said...

McNabb is given too much credit. I love DEfense (I was left LB for Long Beach back in the day). However, I'm going with Kurt Warner. He brought Superbowl rings to the Rams, (my team) and will most likely do the same for Az. Warner is also the most vocal fan of Jesus in the NFL. Steelers need a better offense. I'll bet my Peugot 10 speed plus $50 to DaBeautifuls brand new Jag that Az wins that precious Superbowl ring

At 21 January, 2009 05:26, Blogger DaBich said...

Rudy, my jag is a 2005, silly boy.

I'm rooting for the Steelers, as I do for all my black and gold, but I won't be surprised if the Cards win. Warner is awesome.


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