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Friday, January 16, 2009

Remember when I told you about

my "as close as I'll probably ever get to Hollywood" experience?

What, you don't?

Refresh your memory here.

That movie, for better or worse, opened in theaters nationwide today for all to see.

Normally, this would be a movie I would not have any interest in seeing in the theater. It's probably funny because of Kevin James but it also looks unbelievably stupid. I'll definitely go see it and take V and M with me, simply because I like movies shot locally. However we're not going to see it for a few weeks, until I'm able to use the three movie passes that I have. I might even review it in a SNMR column after I see it.

If I do eventually add this movie to my DVD collection, it will be because I found a copy of it in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. This will probably happen sometime this summer, I'm guessing July or August.


V, M and I happened into BJ's tonight where I stumbled upon the complete five season series of a television show on DVD that was recommended to me in the past based on my past blogging interest in another, similar show. So I purchased the first two seasons.

The topper for me was that I was able to pick them up at a great price, at least in comparison to what amazon.com has them selling for. Such a good deal, in fact that I'm leaning heavily on the possibility of picking up the remaining three seasons at similar savings, before they go out of stock.

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At 17 January, 2009 17:51, Blogger American Guy said...

always fascinating to watch film cres in action. There was a crew filming literally out in front of my workplace for a couple of days last week - i had to dodge lighting and stuff whenever i went outside.

As to this particular film: why would you waste free passes to see such drek? The title alone should tell you it's a dog. The premise makes it sound even worse. And at least going by IMDB's reviews, those who have seem it are nearly universally lamenting about 90 minutes of their life they'll never get back.

All so you can see the good old b-mall on the big screen?



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