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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The big 2-0-0.

Today marks the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birthday. As you know, Mr. Lincoln is my favorite President in American history. Sometimes I wonder how the history of our country would be different if Lincoln had not been assassinated. If Lincoln's reconstruction plan had been put into effect, how would the racial climate in this country have differed in the years and decades after the Civil War (or War Between the States if you're from the South) from what we know happened from the history books? Good questions all, and ones for which we'll never know the answer.

Oh, yeah. This guy was born 200 years ago today too. I only mention him because if I don't, American Guy probably will (make some remark about it, like he's done before.)


Left work early today, I did. Not feeling too great, I am. Fever, chills and all that. I feel a nap coming on. Perhaps I'll fall asleep to a good movie.

Like Ahhhhnold, though, I'll be back.

And so I am. Back that is. K wasn't too happy with me when I informed her that I won't be taking V and M this weekend, due to my bout with feverish symptoms today.

I might not go to work tomorrow, depending on how I feel in the morning. The problem there is that, while I have the sick-time available to me, there's so much I won't get done that will be staring me in the face come Monday.

No, I don't get President's Day off, either. Wish I did.

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At 12 February, 2009 15:46, Blogger American Guy said...

actually, when i lived in the south (charleston to be precise), people sometimes referred to it as 'the war of northern agression'! No points for guessing where their political and racial views lie.

Also, i did remark on Chuck's b-day - on the day he was born under the julian calendar. (on a day you celebrate some other guy's birth despite even his firmest believers acknowledging that he wasn't born then.)


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