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Monday, February 09, 2009

Willpower I have not

Took a vacation day today, I did, ostensibly to get some stuff done that I never seem to get done during the work day or when the kids are around. We'll see how much I actually accomplish.

Met K this morning at the Wal-Mart in Amherst, NH to give her back the kids for the school week. Now that V is in the middle school I normally drop them off on Sunday evening, since her school day begins earlier than M's does. Today, however V is not going to school as she's had an up-and-down temperature this weekend, peaking at 100.4 last night. When K and I do meet on Monday mornings to do the kid exchange, it's usually at the hospital when K's shift is over. But today I had to return some things I bought for my dad at Wal-Mart over the weekend that he decided he didn't want, or more precisely because I got the wrong things.

While looking for something else, which I didn't find, I managed to locate a few other things I've wanted to get to replace stuff that broke. I went to a few stores looking for another something I didn't find and while there "happened" to wander past their selection of DVDs. Most of the time, willpower I have not, when I see movies for $4.99 each that I don't have. Today was one of those days, I'm afraid.

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At 11 February, 2009 18:45, Blogger Rusty Nail said...

Wrong things you bought...yes.


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