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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nothing much going on

There's not much going on this week that is worth blogging about. Monday was unusually warm and rainy, which allowed much of the snow on the ground to melt. I'm always all for that.

The days seem to go by quickly. Seems like I just got out of bed and now it's getting dark already.

I had a nice exchange with some of my Facebook friends today, even though they live in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Both cities are in the United Arab Emirates for those of you geographically challenged. This is one of the benefits I find useful with Facebook, though one of them I 'met' by reading her blog a few years ago (and hopefully she will start blogging again). Technology truly is wonderful, allowing virtually instant conversation almost half way around the world with wonderful people I otherwise would not even be aware of.

I got a book in the mail today that I ordered from amazon.com marketplace, though I thought I was buying the hardcover book and instead was sent the softcover version. I've put an email in to the seller to hopefully be able to make an exchange. For books that I want to keep as part of my personal library I prefer in hardcover because they last longer than the paperback editions, if properly taken care of.

I always tell my kids that you can never have enough books, and I am living proof of that mantra. This also applies to movies and television shows on DVD.

I'm going to try and have a new profile picture taken tonight - one that I can upload to Blogger and Facebook. The picture I currently have was taken in July 2008 and I discovered recently, has been in use as my profile picture for exactly one year today.

I need to try and write at least one movie review tonight, maybe two.



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