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Friday, June 09, 2006

More of the same...

Today marks the first anniversary of the founding of this wonderful and highly insightful blog that you are now reading.

Last year, on June 8th, I had sent my real life friend of 30+ years an email asking him about his family and how they were doing in the land of Oz. I also asked him how his dad and sister were doing, since I had not heard from him in a while nor seen them since his mom's funeral in December, 2002.

I received an email in reply a day later, in which (among other things!) he told me that he had started a blog and was enjoying writing for an audience. He suggested that if I left a comment on his blog that I should not refer to him by his real name, using his alias, in order to protect his 'secret identity.' He also suggested that I start a blog myself.

Which I did, obviously.

I'll admit, for the first few months I had no audience and was daily fighting with myself to keep it going. On the other hand, I had always enjoyed writing and this blog thing was giving me a chance to be creative on a daily basis, or as often as I wished. Plus it was and still is addictive.

Soon enough, by leaving comments on other people's blogs, those other people came over to mine and became my first regular readers.

At first, and to a large extent now, my blog is still a journal of sorts. A place for me to write about the things on my mind and the everyday existence of the exciting life that is green.

It's not easy being green. (Okay, just had to write that...)

So what have I learned in the past year?

Well for one, I think I have become a better writer through this blog. Sometimes I've forced myself to post, even when the thoughts and ideas were not there or were still thoughts in process and progress. Though as you know, fellow bloggers, writing is a craft that is always challenging and one in which we are always learning and trying to perfect.

I've learned how to write a bit of html code, what with updating the sidebar on my template and including links occasionally in posts.

I've come to appreciate the close-knit family that is the world of bloggerland. Even though I hardly know ye, but from the pixels on the screen in front of us, I am honored to be a small part of your lives, and you a small part of mine.

I've also used this forum and that of God vs. Darwin as a platform to share my beliefs and faith in Jesus Christ with you, and the evidence and reasons why my faith is what it has become. This open, public display of my faith would not have happened six or seven years ago, but I thank God it has and will continue to be, as the occasion arises.

So what can you look forward to in the year to come???

More of the same, I'd expect.

Glad am I to have you along for the ride, as long and as far as you'd like to go.


Also, as is my tradition, I've got to recognize a birthday today. My little sister C is 23 today. Happy Birthday, sis.


At 09 June, 2006 22:55, Blogger Kayla said...

Well then, Happy Bloggiversary!
Hmm..think I just made up a word ;)

At 10 June, 2006 02:11, Blogger Zepplinlady said...

Congrats on your first anniversary with Blogger green. I'm so glad you decided to try it out 'cause if you didn't, I never would've had the chance to have you as a "blogger friend" and read your interesting posts.

Here's to your continued success in the blogesphere!

At 10 June, 2006 02:13, Blogger Zepplinlady said...

Oh, and Happy "23" B-day to your sis! That's the age I wish I were again. *sigh* lol

At 10 June, 2006 10:25, Blogger minister scribe said...

uh-oh. my one year blog-iversary is coming up in July.

At 10 June, 2006 20:52, Blogger An American in Melbourne said...

sniff sniff - i feel so proud - my little green one is all grown up now.

Seriously, congrats, and I'm glad you took the plunge.

At 11 June, 2006 13:48, Blogger SzélsőFa said...

I have just started to read you and found that (re:writing a blog on a regular basis) this post quite fits my situation as well - my bloggiversary comes in August :))
Keep on doing the good work.

At 11 June, 2006 22:54, Blogger constant rain said...

Yes. Happy belated aniversary. :) How fast time flies! I can't remember how I came to your blog (I'm thinking it was through Scribe's blog) but I've certainly enjoyed your blog and comments over the time. :) Keep writing!

At 12 June, 2006 08:27, Blogger DaBich said...

Happy Anniversary green! Stick around for the long haul! I do enjoy your blogs.


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