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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Catch the (heat) wave... or it'll knock you out

I like hot weather. Really I do, but this humidity is killing me. I've got a massive heat headache that even two Advil hasn't been able to shake... yet.

Yesterday was hot, today is worse.

Today's forecast in my area: High of 92 (feels like 97), with humidity at 47%. Barometric pressure is 29.89 in. and falling. Dew point is 69. The low temp for tonight is supposed to be around 72.

Now we have a severe t-storm warning until 10 PM EDT, but only a 40% chance of precip, according to weather.com. Some people have been getting inundated with rain. I say gimme some o' that!!

17:35 update: aaaaah booming thunder - and RAIN!!! It rained heavily for about 10 minutes and then just as quickly stopped. What we need is the rain to dampen the humidity just a wee-bit. Ain't happenin' so far...

Tomorrow's high is only supposed to be 84, with a 60% chance of rain and t-storms.

Gotta love summer.

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At 27 June, 2007 23:30, Blogger EE said...

I think I've had these headaches this week, too. Thought they were going to turn into migraines, but haven't thus far.
Better too hot than too cold...don't you think?

At 28 June, 2007 00:44, Blogger green said...

ee: yes, too hot is always better than too cold.

My headache finally went away after taking the advil. Good thing, too... I felt it building for awhile before I tok the meds.

At 28 June, 2007 05:46, Blogger DaBich said...

I had a friggin headache off and on all day yesterday too. I know it's the humidity. Today is to be a little better, thank God!

At 28 June, 2007 11:33, Blogger JLee said...

wow, I guess everyone is getting hammered with rain right now. My daughter had a headache all day yesterday and I think it was the air pressure.

At 28 June, 2007 14:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...


headaches suck!!


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