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Monday, June 18, 2007


Today I was reminded that the only land that is fun to 'scape is my own.

And since I don't currently have a lawn to call my own... well you get the idea.

This morning I worked for my brother, who owns his own landscaping company. After butchering a large bush at the end of my parent's driveway, I went with him and his buddy to the house of one of his original customers. A had me trim the bushes there, in the front and in the back yard. Not knowing how these people like their bushes, or how A normally does them, I either a) trimmed too much, leaving bare spots or b) didn't trim enough, so that A went back over what I had done.

Once we were finished cleaning up it was 13:30 and time for lunch. A wanted me to trim more bushes for him by myself this afternoon while he and his buddy went to mow some lawns.

I frankly told him that I'd rather not, since I didn't want to ruin someone else's bushes and garner complaints. Plus, when it comes to certain things, I'm a perfectionist and when I can't do them as good as I'd like I get frustrated and (probably) way too critical of myself and my performance.

Raking I can do. Picking up leaves and lawn debris I can do. Spreading mulch - I can do that, too. Cutting a lawn? Well I could handle that with a standard lawn mower and have done so, though I've never used either of his big commercial mowers.

It just doesn't do anything for me to take care of someone else's property. Sure I like the finished product but getting to that point is no fun.

Unless the 'scaping is mine.

Plus, I'm outta shape for a thin guy and my arms are tired...

Rant and whine o-v-e-r.

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At 18 June, 2007 22:49, Blogger Priscilla said...

so, what are you all about Green, whats your deal? just curious.

At 18 June, 2007 22:54, Blogger green said...

what am I all about? What's my deal? I don't understand what info you're looking for...

At 19 June, 2007 11:23, Blogger Priscilla said...

what are you all about, can you sum it up in a short paragraph? I'm curious as to how you see yourself or define yourself? whats the deal with you?


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