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Friday, July 27, 2007

I must be....

...the biggest loser in the world. I honestly think I'm the only one matriculating the blogosphereTM on a Friday night. Well it seems like that anyway. Aaaah one of the few drawbacks to having kids.... no weekend social life. Not that I have much of a social life during the week, mind you...

Honestly, though this is the first real time of peace and quiet I've had all day to just wander about on the net. Aside from a few quick checks during the day, I spent most of the day outside at the pool with V and M. Met ex at Marshalls in Bedford at 10 this morning. Made the kiddo exchange and were off to see the wizard by 11:00. Usually the kiddo exchange happens around suppertime, so it was nice to get in a full afternoon of pool use.

Pool water today: between 83-86 degrees. Air temp was in the low 90's, so the pool water felt like bath water. An absolutely gorgeous day for non-productivity.

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At 30 July, 2007 07:40, Blogger DaBich said...

Hey, don't complain. We spent Saturday and Sunday cleaning out the garage UGH! I'd love to sit by your pool! lol

At 03 August, 2007 06:48, Blogger oregoncelticlady said...

Visiting from Melissas!

I will sooo be here tomorrow, Friday night as well! What can a girl do??? Match.com....?


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