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Saturday, August 11, 2007

On Vacation....

No, not me silly. My parents.

V, M and I drove them to the airport this morning. They're off to Florida and the Caribbean for the next two weeks. Tomorrow they drive across the state to pick up their ship - a one week Caribbean cruise with my aunt, uncle and last surviving grandparent. Once they get back, they'll spend a week at my grandmother's condo before flying home on the 25th.

One of the reasons my parents went (aside from their need of a vacation) is because of my grandmother, who will be celebrating her 90th birthday on the 19th. This is her way of celebrating... with her son (my uncle) and daughter (my mom) and their spouses, since God only knows how many years she has left....

Next Friday, my sister is going to Florida herself. The parents of one of her high-school friends own a condo somewhere down there and she was invited to spend a few days.

I could use a vacation. I haven't gone anywhere on vacation in I don't know how long. My trip to Dallas in March 2006 was the last trip I took, but it doesn't count as a vacation, since I went down there for a purpose.

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At 11 August, 2007 18:54, Blogger JLee said...

Well holler next time you're here in Dallas!

At 11 August, 2007 19:17, Blogger green said...

I shall. I had a good time in the big "D" - my first time in Texas. Too bad I didn't "know" you then...


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