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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

what's your problem?

I'm stressed.

I'm worried.

I have a headache.

I'm frustrated.

I'm hot.

I'm tired.

I need a nap.

Did I mention that:

I'm stressed.

I'm worried.

I have a headache.

I'm frustrated.

I'm hot.

I'm tired.

I need a nap.

Oh, I did?

I feel better now.

(No I don't really feel better, but what do you care?)

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At 08 August, 2007 19:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone deserves a good rant green. Although I must say, its a bit out of character for you!

It is hotter n hell though idnit?

At 08 August, 2007 22:27, Blogger green said...

bluez: yes it is. I'm generally a cheery person but it's just hard to be so all of the time.

I've never been to hell so I can't rightly say if it is hotter than or not..... ;>)

At 08 August, 2007 23:44, Blogger EE said...

What are you stressed about?????

At 08 August, 2007 23:57, Blogger green said...

ee: never mind. It'll work itself out one way or another. But I appreciate your concern.

At 09 August, 2007 08:40, Blogger DaBich said...

You need laid!! :)

At 09 August, 2007 13:26, Blogger scribe said...

Say it with me, G!!! FUK THAT POLICE!!!

oh, wait wrong thread...

At 09 August, 2007 19:45, Blogger Stephanie said...

LOL, I love this!

I have the same feeling actually.

At 09 August, 2007 20:11, Blogger Lori said...

Our heat index was 106 today it is hot.

Ice cream, cold shower and air conditioner set on 60 might help a little. ;)

At 09 August, 2007 22:44, Blogger Lee Ann said...

Sounds like you had the same day that I had!!!!
Hope tomorrow is better for you!

At 11 August, 2007 18:54, Blogger JLee said...

we care!!


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