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Friday, September 07, 2007

Green's 2007 NFL Predictions

Well here we are again at the start of another season of the National Football League (season #88 all told). And since I consider myself to be one of the "experts", I'm going to let you know how I think the season will unfold, by division, then I'll give you my predictions for the playoffs and for Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, Arizona, come February 3, 2008.

NFC East

1 Philadelphia Eagles (if Donovan McNabb stays healthy.)
2 Dallas Cowboys* (strong Dallas team, despite Wade Phillips coaching ineptness.)
3 Washington Redskins (improvement from last season, but not enough for playoffs.)
4 New York Giants (Poor Tom Coughlin. Good coach, bad team and he'll get fired for it.)

NFC South

1 New Orleans (despite last night's season opening beatdown, this is the best team in a weak division.)
2 Carolina Panthers* (rebounding nicely from off year in 2006.)
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (poor Jon Gruden. Good coach, aging team and he'll get fired for it.)
4 Atlanta Falcons (questionable team with Michael Vick, no chance without him. Poor Bobby Petrino.)

NFC North

1 Chicago Bears (best team in weak division, despite QB Rex Grossman.)
2 Detroit Lions (best finish in long time, 8-8 is realistic but no playoffs yet.)
3 Green Bay Packers (swan song for one of NFL's all time greats in QB Brett Favre.)
4 Minnesota Vikings (young team with promise for 2008.)

NFC West

1 Seattle Seahawks (better than 2006 record due to horrific injuries to key players.)
2 San Francisco 49ers (Good coach, getting back to franchise respectability - look out in 2008.)
3 Arizona Cardinals (New Coach shines as does offense - scary thought from this team.)
4 St. Louis Rams (I'm just not impressed. This year's Carolina Panthers very underachieving.)

AFC East

1 New England Patriots (missed Superbowl XLI by a very narrow margin. Improved to scary good this year.)
2 New York Jets (Gang Green overachieved last year. 8-8 is realistic.)
3 Buffalo Bills (Offensive promise, defensive problems.)
4 Miami Dolphins (Defensive promise, offensive problems.)

AFC South

1 Indianapolis Colts (defending champs too good not to win weak division.)
2 Tennessee Titans (look out league, VY is scary good in year two.)
3 Houston Texans (will finish with between 6-8 wins, viable for playoffs in 2008.)
4 Jacksonville Jaguars (mutiny on the bounty... Jack del Rio loses control, gets fired.)

AFC North

1 Baltimore Ravens (underachieved in 2006 playoffs, best team in strong division.)
2 Cincinnati Bengals* (sleeper for playoffs this year. Could win division with a few breaks.)
3 Pittsburgh Steelers* (new coach = same Steelers.)
4 Cleveland Browns (poor Romeo Crennel. Good coach, bad franchise. Gets one more year in 2008 to prove he can win here.)

AFC West

1 San Diego Chargers (despite Norv Turner, still have the weapons to be scary good.)
2 Denver Broncos (miss playoffs on tiebreakers - what a shame.)
3 Kansas City Chiefs (Poor Herm Edwards. Good coach, bad and aging team.)
4 Oakland Raiders (NFL's version of hell ain't getting any cooler. Offense wanted.)

Playoff Predictions:

byes: Patriots, Colts, Saints, Bears. *-Wild Card team.
Wild Card- Chargers over Bengals, Ravens over Steelers, Panthers over Eagles, Seahawks over Cowboys.
Divisional- Colts over Chargers, Patriots over Ravens, Seahawks over Bears, Saints over Panthers.
Championship- Patriots over Colts, Seahawks over Saints.

Super Bowl XLII - Patriots over Seahawks.

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