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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

BB9 & Friends update

Here's what you missed this week on BB9: Episode 18, Episode 19 and tonight's Episode 20.

I was happy to see Adam put both James and Chelsia up for eviction this week, since they need to be broken up. Unfortunately James won the PoV and used it on himself, forcing Adam to nominate Sharon instead.

I would be seriously annoyed if Sharon is voted out tonight. I'm guessing that the vote will be 3-2 or 4-1 in favor of Chelsia's eviction, with James the only sure vote of support. We'll see what kind of revenge James can muster next week, especially if he wins HOH. I'm surprised that Joshuah is the only house guest that has never been nominated for eviction so far. I'd love to see him evicted next week. Can't stand him.

WOW!!! What a show tonight! I knew Chelsia would get evicted but had no idea James wouldn't even vote for her! She knew it was coming and I'm glad. Even just watching the CBS shows I could see what a little immature witch she turned out to be. Bye bye. Can't believe at the beginning you were one of my favorite players.

How about Natalie winning HoH for this week!!!! Even though she can be totally annoying I'm psyched that she won! Her revenge for the loss of Matt is almost complete! Bye bye James or Joshuah. I can guess already that your punk-a##es are on the block!


I'm happily plugging along with season 4 of "Friends" and will finish the third DVD before I go to sleep tonight. I think one of the things that makes the show work so well is that the cast meshes extremely well together and they always look like they are having fun filming the show. It also helps that the show is excellently written every week.

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At 27 March, 2008 23:02, Blogger Esther said...

Just checking in. :)

How did things go today (Thursday)?


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