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Friday, June 20, 2008

postponed and rescheduled

A few minutes before noon today, I went to her office to see if she was ready to go to lunch. The door was almost entirely closed and I could hear her talking on the telephone. I went and sat down in the receptionist's area for a few minutes and waited, knowing she'd have to walk past where I was sitting to get to the cafeteria.

Since I wasn't eating and just sitting around, I decided to go back to my desk and be productive, since I don't normally take lunch until 12:30. I emailed her and asked if she was all set for lunch? [pause for the reply]

Nope. The call she was on lasted longer than the hour she had planned for it and she didn't know how much longer it would last.

As of the end of work today her schedule was pretty free for next week, save for Monday. So with much apology, we agreed to reschedule our lunch for next Wednesday.

I stopped by her office briefly before I left at 16:15 (supposed to leave at 16:00) for the day to say hi, reconfirm for next Wednesday and wished her a nice weekend. I didn't stay long to chat because a) she was in the middle of a conversation with someone else and b) I needed to head out to pick up V and M for the weekend, meeting K at 17:30. I knew the traffic on Route 3 would be heavy heading north into southern New Hampshire, as it always is at rush hour, especially on a Friday afternoon. You know how much I loooove sitting in traffic, right????? ;>)


I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the summer solstice is today at 19:59, meaning that my favorite season at last is underway. Hurrah for summer!!

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At 23 June, 2008 06:58, Blogger DaBich said...

Well, bummer on the postponement!
Hope it goes well next Wednesday!

Summer is my favorite season, hands down.

At 26 June, 2008 20:48, Blogger Esther said...

Did you have your lunch yesterday?

How'd it go?

Don't mean to pry or be awkward, but I do want to see you happy, and if you like this woman, I want things to work out for you.

There is absolutely NO reason for you to be shy, Green. You are a quite attractive man with a wonderful intelligence and a kind heart. Any woman would be blessed to have you as a friend or more.

Go for it!


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