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Monday, August 25, 2008

All eyes on Denver this week

The Democratic National Convention kicked off tonight from Denver. I'm watching some of it right now but won't watch all of it. I'll sporadically tune in throughout the week too, depending on who is scheduled to speak.

Conventions on the whole can be boring, especially if you're not a political junkie.

I'm not. Definitely not.

I think these conventions really are designed to help those people who have fence poles firmly wedged in uncomfortable places to try and help loosen them up. This is the opportunity to sell your party's message to the undecided folks and those who are on the other sidepeople . How effectively its done remains to be seen.

The big stories tonight are when will Ted Kennedy make his appearance and will he say anything. Or more appropriately, is he healthy enough to say something.

The featured speaker tonight is Michelle Obama.


Joe Biden was a safe pick for Obama's Vice Presidential running mate. In large part I think he was picked for the same reasons W picked Cheney in 2000. King George, when he was Texas governor, was seen as someone with limited experience on the international stage and Cheney's experience was supposed to give him that. Though I say it hasn't worked out quite that well, considering the current administration's failures in this area.

Hopefully Biden will be more help to Obama than Cheney has been for the Bushwhacker.

Does this put more pressure on McCain to choose a running mate as voracious as Biden will be?

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