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Thursday, August 21, 2008

BB10 - Week six update

Here's what you missed this week:

Episode 18
Episode 17
Episode 16

Evicted week six: April (voted out 4-1)

My impressions of week six:

This week's evicted house guest becomes the second juror who will ultimately have a say in who will win BB10.

I still like Ollie, Memphis, Dan and Keesha. Michelle doesn't bother me but doesn't do anything for me. Rennie is acceptable as long as she doesn't unleash that shrill voice of hers. Jerry ought to have been evicted. He still gets on my nerves.

I think Ollie and April make a nice couple. I hope their relationship survives when BB10 is over.

If I had to predict a final two right now, I'd guess Dan and Keesha. we'll see how I do as the weeks go by.

This week's HOH: endurance competition - winner was Dan.

Thanks, bluez for that update. Now I don't have to read the spoiler websites to find out who won and inadvertently see who he'll nominate. I'll just find out on the Sunday show. Honestly though, aside from Jerry, I have no idea who he might choose.

Next Thursday is a double live eviction. Two house guests will be leaving - but they won't know that it's happening until just before it happens. That will be interesting.

I'd like to see America get to vote someone back into the house. If I had a vote, I'd cast it for Angie. I think she got a raw deal when she was evicted.

One question I've been meaning to ask is, who is Gretchen Massey? Was she a house guest on an earlier edition of BB? How'd she get the job she has? What's her connection?

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At 22 August, 2008 08:37, Blogger Bluez said...

She's a radio talk show host from LA I believe and a stand up comedian, she was never on BB however she did this BB show with a former contestant named Marsalis.

spoiler alert, Dan won the competition, it was between him and Ollie. I think Dan is turning out to be a formidable player, I'm not sure why Renny did not put Ollie up but I would have been happy to see either Jerry or April gone.


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