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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Week five update

Here's what you missed this week:

Episode 15
Episode 14
Episode 13

Evicted week five: Libra (voted out 6-0)

My impressions of week five:

I'm surprised that Ollie and April voted for Libra to be evicted instead of Keesha, since April and Keesha despise each other.

This week's evicted house guest becomes the first juror who will ultimately have a say in who will win BB10.

Sorry Libra, Thanks for playing. It was nice knowing you. When you get home, take care of that family. Until then enjoy life in the jury house.

I still like April, Ollie, Memphis, Dan and Keesha. Rennie is acceptable as long as she doesn't unleash that shrill voice of hers. Jerry has gotten on my nerves lately.

The alliances in the house currently are Michelle, April, Ollie and Jerry against Memphis, Dan, Rennie and Keesha.

This week's HOH: Rennie.

Well, with Rennie as the new HOH, Keesha is definitely safe this week and probably Memphis and Dan. Rennie won't nominate the colonel. Look out April and Ollie. Both of you will likely be nominated this week. Which one of you will go home this week, provided neither of you wins POV??? I don't think Rennie has any issues with Michelle, so she's probably safe.

On Sunday, in the Boston area, Big Brother will be seen on channel 38 because of the Patriots game on CBS.



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