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Monday, February 16, 2009

Making plans is the easy part.

Finding a way to pay for those plans to become reality is another matter entirely.

But find a way I must, and soon.

A general timetable I've established in my mind that will help define these plans and reach these goals- or at least some of the more immedaite ones, anyway.

Discipline it will require.

Admittedly that's a skill I tend not to possess at times.

Or if I do indeed possess that certain skill, I've currently misplaced it.

Wouldn't say I've lost it all together, but some might venture down that path.

Sacrifice certain things I must in order to accomplish these lofty goals. The good news is they are attainable. All of them.

Sure, there are risks involved, but nothing worthwhile comes cheaply or easily (most of the time, anyway...)

Now where'd I put that discipline??


Oh stop worrying. NONE of these plans even remotely considers my quitting blogging. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

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At 17 February, 2009 05:33, Blogger DaBich said...

OK, so do share...what's the secret???

At 17 February, 2009 07:20, Blogger ca nadeau said...


At 17 February, 2009 19:33, Blogger green said...

d: A secret wouldn't be any good if it's out in the open.

I'll share eventually. But not now...

scribe: what you don't like Yoda-speak? I can even do the voice...

At 19 February, 2009 13:12, Blogger Priscilla said...

Lmao-i was going to comment that a few posts back-why the hell are you talking like yoda?

At 19 February, 2009 19:50, Blogger green said...

The Yoda speak started a few weeks ago when my nephew started living here. We watched Empire and he started doing the voice. I joined in too.


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