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Friday, February 13, 2009

too much time on my hands

I called out of work today. I've got the flu bug that's been going around. My temperature was 100.3 F this morning and 100.9 F as of 30 seconds ago. I've been generally sore and listless all day. Bored too. I've been resting off and on all day and intermittently playing on the computer.

My being ill though has afforded me the time to get into this old television series, which I picked up about a month ago. I remember when it was on regular television (the USA network, I think) but as usual for me, never got interested in it. How fascinating that I'm considering this an "old" television series, when it just came out a mere dozen years ago.

One of the reasons I bought the series is because some of my faithful blog commenters have said that if I liked "ALIAS" then I'd be sure to like this series, too. They even said that this series is better than "ALIAS" was.

That remains to be seen. After the first disc, La Femme Nikita holds much promise to at least be as good as "ALIAS" was.

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At 16 February, 2009 05:53, Blogger DaBich said...

ACK! I hope you're feeling better green!

At 16 February, 2009 17:58, Blogger green said...

D: yeah, me too. feverishness is never any fun.


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