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Saturday, January 24, 2009

SNMR 6.3: "Coming to America"

Tonight's SNMR feature is "Coming to America" (1988, R, 116 minutes), starring Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, John Amos, Allison Dean, Madge Sinclair and Shari Headley. The film was directed by John Landis.

PLOT SUMMARY: Prince Akeem (Murphy) of the African nation of Zamunda is looking for a wife. When he disregards the mindless woman chosen for him, he and his best friend Semmi (Hall) decide to travel abroad to find his bride. With the blessing of the King (Jones) and Queen (Sinclair), Akeem is given a month to "sow his royal oats" abroad. And where does one find a suitable future queen? In Queens, of course.

MY OPINION: This comedy, made when Eddie Murphy was one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood, is really quite funny. The plus side of this film is that (according to the special features included on the disc) this is the film where Muphy learned he could play multiple characters in the same film. Rick Baker does a fantastic job with Murphy and Hall's make-up for the different characters they play. The downside of all this is that as a result of this film, Murphy brought us such unmitigated disasters as "Big Mama" and "Norbit." The script/story may not be totally original but it is executed brilliantly by director John Landis and the comic talents of the cast as a whole. John Amos is understated but brilliant in his role as the owner of McDowell's restaurant. The rip-off parody of fast food grease pit McDonald's is great. James Earl Jones is excellent in just about everything he does. And who wouldn't love a film that has Samuel L. Jackson in it? - granted he has only one scene but hey, what can you do? You gotta start somewhere. If this film has a liability, it is Shari Headley, who plays Murphy's love interest, Lisa McDowell. But we can cut her some slack because it was her first big movie role.

I found this film to be extremely funny. My favorite minor characters are Arsenio Hall's Baptist minister and Eddie Murphy's old Jewish guy.

I enjoyed watching the extras included on this special edition release. They are well made and informative.

*** out of *****



At 27 January, 2009 15:36, Blogger scribe said...

Back off Norbitt!!!

At 28 January, 2009 22:01, Blogger American Guy said...

samuel l was in this? I honestly don't remember that!


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