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Sunday, August 09, 2009

BB11 episodes 11-13

Here are the links to this week's episode recaps. Watch the actual shows on cbs.com.

Episode 11 - Aug 2.
Episode 9 - Aug 4.
Episode 10 - Aug 6.

Russell won HOH in the first endurance competition of the season. In doing so, he made a deal with Jeff that he and Jordan would be safe this week and that Ronnie would be one of the nominees. True to his word, he did just that, nominating Ronnie and Lydia, even though Lydia is just a pawn, but she doesn't know it.

Michele won the PoV competition again and vowed not to use it, also wanting Ronnie out. Michele now has an alliance with Jeff, Jordan and Russell which seems to be a strong alliance.

Now that the cliques are gone everyone is on their own. This will eventually expose who are the weak players and who are the strong players.

This mystery power, the coup d'etat, will be awarded on Wednesday or Thursday and we'll see the results on Thursday's show. Here's how it works: America voted (online and via text) through Tuesday 8/4 on which house guest will get the power. The power allows the holder to overrule the HOH's nominations, one or both of them, to be used either this week or next. The key is that only the house guest who has the power will know that they have it and they are prohibited from telling the other house guests that they have it. The power can be used right before the live vote on this or the next Thursday.

I've personally voted for Jordan and Jeff (you can vote multiple times online). There was concern that someone on the outside linked to one of the house guests would use voting bots to skew the vote. Previously the house guests appeared on the ballot in the same spot. Now, each time you vote the house guests are listed randomly.

So, the plan is to get Ronnie out and I really think he will go, though the vote may be closer than I want to see, as it seems that Natalie, Jessie and Chima will vote to evict Lydia. Jeff, Jordan and Michele will vote to evict Ronnie. Kevin seems to be the swing vote, though I think he will vote to evict Lydia. Either way, I predict the vote will be 4-3 in favor of evicting Ronnie (and indeed it was exactly that...)

Personally, I still can't stand Ronnie and will be disappointed if he doesn't go home this week. (Fortunately he did! YES!!) Chima and Natalie are still annoying. I have no use what so ever for Kevin. Lydia still is creepy, and becoming more annoying than she was before. I'm lukewarm on Jessie. Russell is proving to be worth rooting for, considering he kept his bargain with Jeff. My favorites are still Jordan, Jeff and Michele.



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